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Predict the Leatherhead away following

There have been many comments posted on here about the FA Cup 2nd Round Tie v Leatherhead. Before the tickets go on sale perhaps people would like to predict how many fans Leatherhead will bring and what the overall crowd will be?

I kick it off:

Leatherhead fans: 1,400
Total attendance: 5,250


  • Leatherhead 750
    Total 3500

    I really can’t see that much interest sadly

  • Well all things considered, they did only take 200 to the replay! The fact that average gate is only 355 and highest is 450 in the league. The fact that Leatherhead is really a small place with a population of under 12,000 in the smart surrey commuter belt. I am going to say 800-1000 max but that is me being optimistic. Gate, Sorry but sub 4,000 probably 3,800 max. Might be lower.

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    I admire your optimistic outlook Andy and I hope your predictions are correct, however I doubt if we'll attract any more than 4000, with Leatherhead bringing around 650.

  • Leatherhead 500
    Total 3250

  • I think the home gate will be swelled by a few casual fans wanting to have that all-important ticket stub (or do we not do that anymore?) plus the novelty of entertaining non-league opposition may be more of a draw for floating fans than your average League Two opponent. If we can keep up our good form for the next couple of games and especially if we put on a good show against struggling Yeovil, then I predict Wycombeites should turn in decent numbers, hoping to see goals. No idea what Leatherhead will bring, but will hedge my bets between the highest and lowest predicted so far. A 2pm Sunday kickoff could go either way. May cause a few people problems (means I probably can't go) but might also mean we get a few people who normally spend their Saturday afternoons plonked in front of the television.

    Away = 700
    Home = 4,500
    Total = 5,200

  • Hi guys just to say that we sold 600 tickets in 24hrs. Very much looking forward to the game. Russell

  • Hi @russ that's excellent and here's hoping that you can nearly double that in the next couple of weeks. Good result for you yesterday........4-0 seems a popular result at the moment!

  • Yes a good result for you guys against Crawley. We were 4 up after about 35 mins yesterday and then took our foot of the gas. However im realistic and just hoping to see a good game on the 3rd. But.......This is the fa cup

  • excellent news - hoping for a big away following and a classic FA cup atmosphere

    Don't know about other Wycombe fans but I feel this could be a very tricky tie indeed for us. Just got a feeling about it

    Shame it's not on the Saturday, but let's hope for a 5000+ gate and a game to remember

  • With home games on three successive weekends at this time of year, people may be reluctant to dip into their pockets for all three matches. Yeovil have been a bogey team for us for many years and, if anyone has in mind to attend just one of the next two, I would suggest that the atmosphere at the cup match is likely to be much more charged than at next Saturday’s game.

    If the “occasionals” and first-timers who boosted the gate so impressively on Saturday decide to come to both, that would be really wonderful.

    I am confident that the gate on 3 Dec will be well over 4000.

  • Thanks for dropping by @russ . Also looking forward to the game and glad to hear you've sold a good number of tickets already.

  • M3GM3G
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    Yep well done although according to your clubs own website 45 minutes ago it was stated over 500 tickets sold so far, that's brilliant. Should be interesting as you have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.

  • 600 was announced as the amount sold on the microphone after yesterdays game v wingate . I would imagine we will bring around 1000. Unfortunately around 600 of them will go missing for the rest of our games

  • @eric_plant said:
    excellent news - hoping for a big away following and a classic FA cup atmosphere

    Don't know about other Wycombe fans but I feel this could be a very tricky tie indeed for us. Just got a feeling about it

    Shame it's not on the Saturday, but let's hope for a 5000+ gate and a game to remember

    I hope the atmosphere is good, but I definitely don't hope it's a game to remember! A comfortable 3-0 would be much better.

  • I'd go for 7-0. I'd remember that.

  • Wycombe to go through after a replay.

  • Financially, everyone wins with that scenario but TBH we don't need any extra games in this (hopefully) play-off/promotion season.

  • Last time we played Leatherhead was in a replay in the Trophy which the Tanners won, personally do not want that scenario again thanks.

  • The Tanners have now sold over 750 tkts.

  • Brilliant! What have we sold?

  • Weve now sold over 900 tickets

  • Nowhere to hide for Leatherhead

  • Does anyone know the story behind their club crest? Quite similar.

  • Bit off topic, but for those interested there you go.

    It refers to the main Leatherhead town coat of arms, but goes some way to understand the logo.

    The crest features a swan, prominent in the former Leatherhead arms, which alludes to the old Swan Inn of coaching days and to the river and other local waters.

    The swan holds in its beak a red sword, referring to the association with the City of London through the City of London Freemen's School and to the connection between the former arms and the 1939-45 war. The Leatherhead arms was the first in heraldry to commemorate the unify of purpose of the Civil Defence Services.
    Flanking the swan are two branches of oak leaves linking with the oak in the shield and are a direct reference to the former Leatherhead crest and the County shield.

  • 1000 plus.

  • Just brilliant! Well done Leatherhead, I hope we can try to match it in scale terms. How great a 5500+ gate would be.

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