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  • Cheers, @vital. Nice report again - dipped into some of the details most media reports miss and did so with customary articulacy.

    The attendance was quite a bit higher than I thought it would be given the miserable weather, unsexy opposition with limited away support and relatively modest recent playing record. Good news.

  • The standard of detail and writing in these reports are always first rate. What a beautiful paragraph this is:

    “The QPR loanee ghosted past a couple of opposition men, traded passes with Akinfenwa before majestically jinking his way past three more creepy Crawlies and sumptuously clipping the ball into the bottom corner past a helpless Morris. It was a goal to grace any league.”

  • Excellent description of the 1st goal. Me and the mate I was stood with said at the time it’s the best footballing goal we’ve scored in a long long time

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