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Please can someone give me a layman’s guide on how to purchase a match pass on ifollow on my iPad as I’m struggling.

Currently abroad, I’ve signed up for a “free pass” and then downloaded the app and it does not appear to give me any options to purchase a pass for today’s game.

Thanks in advance.


  • Come on someone. Time is getting short.

  • I think it’s worked. Not sure how but I’m seeing pictures from Adams Park!

  • Hi, I have a season pass and therefore cannot go through the process but you should try "subscriptions" and go from there. I have read that someone else on this forum did it for one match while on holiday so it is possible. You might have to reset your device and for me it only works on phone or tablet. GL!

  • This is an absolute joke. Stopped working after five minutes. Absolutely shocking.

  • Yeah, the feed has been down today for the first time all season. I was lucky enough to see first half hour.

    Bloody iFollow!

  • Back up now, as I say that!

  • Absolute joke of a system. Got in for the last half an hour via my phone. It appeared to be sign in problems throughout.

  • Even with audio commentary I've found sign in doesn't work sometimes. Personal experience is to shutdown and restart the device - that nearly always resolves the problem immediately.

  • @Twizz didn’t work yesterday sadly

  • @Midlander, hoping audio works on Tuesday as I can't make the trip to Accrington. I'll have access to phone, tablet and PC so plenty of possibilities for me to try.

  • Anyone know if last season's account just carries on working or if we have to go through the subscription rigmarole again?

  • I think normally they would renew automatically but I had a debit card that was about to expire and they said they were unable to activate it. After an exchange of emails I had to rejoin once the replacement card was in use. It was quite frustrating for a few days but all is well now.
    Good luck.

  • Yes, it is auto-renew, and I had the card expiration too, but I changed it up front and the amount was debited automatically. If you have the same card you should be fine.

  • @drcongo said:
    Anyone know if last season's account just carries on working or if we have to go through the subscription rigmarole again?

    I have another year on my bank card and have had the money taken out of my account every month through the summer so i wouldn't worry mate.

  • Hmmm. When I log into the Wycombe site it shows me as having no cards on file and no subscription, and I can't find any payments from my bank accounts for it either, even back through last season. How odd.

  • Sounds familiar. I had similar hassle and, as I said, restarted from scratch. I paid the annual rate (£45) - three months earlier than last year.

  • I got this email from the EFL about iFollow:

    "We hope you have enjoyed the 2017/18 Season and your subscription to iFollow.

    This email is just to remind you that your Season Pass will automatically renew on 16 July 2018. Details of your renewal are:

    Service Summary

    Service: Season Pass UK
    Total Price: £45 (inclusive of VAT/sales tax)
    Subscription Period*: 1 Year
    Payment Method: We will use the same payment details that you provided for your 2017/18 Season Pass

    You do not need to do anything, this will happen automatically. However, if you do not want your subscription to automatically renew for the 2018/19 Season, or wish to use alternative payment methods, you must contact ifoll[email protected] by no later than 11 July 2018, or you may be charged.

    Please note our Terms and Conditions apply to your renewed subscription. These have been updated for the 2018/19 Season, to help make sure iFollow is only being used by those who are eligible, provide information about potential service and price changes if your Club is promoted or relegated, and linking to our revised Privacy Policy. See sections 1.6, 2.8.11, 2.9, 3.2.3 and which have been added or amended.

    We look forward to welcoming you to iFollow for the 2018/19 Season where you’ll be able to continue receiving access to exclusive Club videos and live match day content!

    If you have any queries regarding your account or the re-subscription process, please contact [email protected].

    EFL Digital

    *Your subscription will automatically renew for a further equivalent period at the end of your 2018/19 Season subscription. We will remind you in advance. You will have an opportunity to cancel if you do not want your subscription to automatically renew by sending an email to us at [email protected] at least 5 days before the end of your current subscription period. See the iFollow Terms and Conditions for further information. There is no automatic renewal for single match or other pay per view purchases."

  • I remember that email, Alan, and felt reassured that, provided I contacted them by 16 July, all would go smoothly. If only! But I’m up and running now and hope that @drcongo and others are now able to renew without hassle.

  • I have recently re-subscribed (because of a replacement cc this year). That seems to be working fine but now I see, given that we are on holiday at the moment, that there is no live feed for tomorrow’s game. Can anyone explain why that should be the case or let me know if I am doing something wrong. Any comments need to be received reasonably early tomorrow as I have to coordinate with family commitments but I would prefer to be watching the blues from 5.00 (local time) tomorrow.

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