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Injury news

Interesting comment from Gareth posted on Twitter by the club. Guess this means Scott Kashket and Nathan Tyson will both be back available soon.

GA: “There are no new injuries. Michael Harriman is the only one we’re not expecting back before Christmas. There are some good signs on the injury front for once.”



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    "Soon" sounds very promising. But I wonder if it's "soon" as in "before" Christmas, rather than soon being next game or few like most of us would surely take it as.

    Kaskhet back at all this season would be a massive bonus.
    Tyson i'd expect to be back to how he was in a reasonable time.

    Huge bonuses to get them back. CMS will be grateful! He'll be able to rest up more.

  • PCH is arguably interchangeable with CMS (and, whisper it quietly) fully match fit.

  • It would be a surprise if Kashket was anywhere near his best for a while once he starts playing again. That said, I'd be delighted if he started soon!

  • Scott Kashket and Jack Williams were taken round the Executive Boxes this afternoon but didn’t reach the hoi polloi in the lounge. A shame really because I’m pretty sure we were told early in the season that meeting players not involved on the day or former players belonging to the Ex Players Association would be a regular feature. So we had no opportunity to speak to Scott and perhaps get an inkling of how he is progressing. Until I read the BFP today I was under the impression that he was doing some light training. (It may have been @rmjlondon who mentioned that so it has to be taken with the proverbial pinch.)

    Is there anyone out there who gained any insights this afternoon?

    I saw Michael Harriman in the corridor happily chatting to all and sundry. He is still sporting an ankle to knee surgical boot type contraption and it seems unlikely that he will be able to resume training until the New Year. Dominic Gape seems to be settling in well at right back and is currently keeping Sido Jombati out, of cou

  • ....course of course.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Excellent prospect. Many thanks @fame_46 .

  • It's tough not to be cynical, and post something like "4 weeks starting from when?", so instead, i'll say "good news".

  • I know what you mean @Malone. I even wondered, equally cynically, whether “action” might have meant his first serious training session.

  • Time will tell.
    If it's Feb and he's still not played, our worst fears have been realised!

    At the moment, it's serious enough that a guy who mashed his knee ligaments is on course to at least come back at the same time, if not before!

  • Back on the question of Scott Kashket’s fitness, I had a heated debate a few hours ago with someone who claimed he had heard from several people (anonymous, of course) that his problems are psychological - all in the head as I think he put it - implying I assume that he was in the same category as AAH. I have never heard the slightest suggestion that Scott’s problems have ever been other than an ongoing and, as I understand it, longstanding physical condition affecting the pelvic area. I would welcome any information that anyone may have gleaned on this topic as I would like to be in a position to quash what seem to me to be scurrilous insinuations.

  • Not surprised @micra , that sounds some scurrilous hearsay nonsense.

    But i suppose such a "condition" that he has is so rare, and you don't normally have players out for 6months without any real updates, and when you just get a "he's close" every month or so, people will make their own info up.

  • I think you're probably right, @Malone. The person who mentioned it has a knack of getting up my nose and, for someone who has wound me up in the past by calling me a pessimist, his comments about Scott were extremely negative. It was the hearsay element in particular that made me see red.

  • I understand Scott Kashket never played for was all mocked up in a hanger at Leavesden Studios and if you cannot see that, you are all fools! Fools!

  • Yeah, I always thought, watching Scotty fighting off defenders twice his size to score yet another goal, `that's lad's heart just isn't in it.'

  • @micra , you a pessimist? Deary me, the chap best not pop on here then and compare a load of us lot!

  • The Kashket psychological rumour was mentioned to me last Saturday too. It came from a friend I trust who heard it from a friend who heard it from a friend etc etc... Of course, no reason to suggest there is any truth in this whatsoever.

  • @Wendoverman, one thing's for sure, all that "Orient must have been insane, how did they possibly let this lad go, he's incredible" talk has swiftly died down.

    A bit like when we all realised years on, that Tyson was far from "a bargain", as we lost a stack of quality players to Reading in the deal!
    Although still a great player for us, and colossal fee received later on...

  • @Malone as a Trust owned club, at the very least we should be given his mobile number so we can all call him up every day and ask how the injury is, if there really is an injury and if he has psychological problems. Otherwise people will talk...

  • Even if Scott Kashket's injury relates to mental rather than physical health (and there seems to be no evidence whatsoever to suggest that is the case), it wouldn't make his injury any less real or debilitating.

    Social media has a lot to answer for.

  • Well said Dev

  • Never mind Kashket, i'd completely forgotten about Umerah until I read his name on the WWFC page...
    Hasn't been a whisper about him, but someone reckons he's had ankle surgery and that's probably his loan done. Real shame!

  • I thought I vaguely remembered reading somewhere about Umerah getting an infection, maybe in his ankle.

  • Umerah is supposed to be returning around the same time as Kashket and Tyson. Has anyone heard much about him though?

  • Josh Umerah had surgery on his ankle about three weeks ago. He’d been having problems with it for some time. He may well be seen as a potential successor to Bayo.

  • Successor to Bayo? He's about a third of his size :)

  • He's big, strong, skilful, and three times as quick as Bayo. Don't get me wrong, I love the Beast to bits, but when he's gone, he's gone. Surely you don't want someone like Rhead as his replacement?

  • oh hang on... you were smiling...!

  • We'll certainly have to play a different way, as we currently have the best player of his type in the lower leagues. There is no replacement for his style!

    Still, time to treasure him while we have him first

  • I heard ages ago from the usual friend of a friend that Kashket’s injury was puzzling because of its nature. A broken leg is easily seen and has a linear recovery. Kashket’s needs nurturing and managing and I am sure person a responds differently to person b in terms of pain tolerance etc etc. The person telling me said that was the physiological side of it. Nothing to do with a lack of desire to play, just learning how to play. I very much doubt that a player who went from frozen out to the form of his life woke up and said sod it.

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