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Cost of L2 Football (BBC)

BBC have released an article on the costings of supporting L2 clubs.

Great to see we have the cheapest match day ticket @ £13, whilst Col U have the most expensive.

Interestingly, a day out at Col U is the cheapest as one of their tickets is a kind of all inclusive bundle of food, drink and a programme. Although they conversely offer the most expensive day out too depending on where you sit and where/when you buy the ticket.


  • Noticed every programme is £3 except ours at £3.50. I stopped buying them when they went over £2

  • There is no need for a programme to be over £2. Simply cut the number of pages and cut the multi-colour content. The quality of the writing and the depth of information are the key components.

    Last time I went to Newport County their programme was £3.50. Has it been reduced?

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