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Match Report - Morecambe


  • Thanks a lot, @vital and @clifty04. Appreciate the time and effort. Sound like a disappointing showing. Do we know if Sido is fully fit?

  • Well I’d like to think he is @HCblue. He was also on the bench at Solihull and then a week later yesterday too.
    I personally hope we aren’t naming substitutes who aren’t fully fit. Especially as we’ve named an unfull bench numerous times before so surely aren’t naming him to make up the numbers.

  • Well there’s clearly a difference between being fully fit and being fit enough to be on the bench.

  • I share your assumption, @clifty04. I was just wondering what reason there could be for not playing him yesterday.

  • But why put somebody only fit enough to be on the bench on the bench ahead of somebody who is fully fit? @Chris
    Whatever anybody things of him, Will De Havilland is fully fit, and is surely therefore a better option of the bench than a "fit enough for the bench" Sido.

  • I think it is inevitable that, from time to time, one or two subs are not 100% fit if they have suffered recent knocks or pulls. I particularly have in mind Adam El-Abd who has/had a hamstring strain. His experience and organisational skills appear to have been missed on Saturday.

  • Will De Havilland is not a right back, and El Abd can cover centre back. Putting WDH (who I quite like, certainly more than MΓΌller) on the bench would add little.

    I have very little doubt that if Sido were fully fit he would be the first choice replacement for Harriman.

  • Lad must be well chuffed to have been pulled out of a first team slot at Aldershot to play one game plus one in the LDV.

    Anyone know the rules on whether he can go back again before Jan.

  • Terms for monthly loans seem fairly relaxed but he’s had two already and a third or subsequent month might be seen as a way round the no recall rule which applies to six month loans. I really can’t be arsed to check it out!

  • Probably not the best for him, but it’s what we needed to do at the time. That’s the unfortunate way things go sometimes.

  • naming players on the bench who aren't fit enough to complete 90 minutes but could play a part as they come back to full fitnesss is what all clubs have always done isn't it?

    am I missing something?

  • @eric_plant It seems as straightforward as that to me too.

  • You haven’t missed a trick @eric_plant.

  • Dear Mr @DevC
    WDH was not in the Aldershot First team prior to use calling him back.
    And after his recent display for the Wanderers, it's not hard to understand why.

  • @ChasHarps WDH was given the MOTM award at least twice during his loan period and then got injured. He returned on the bench which doesn't automatically mean he wasn't rated, after all Stewart was on our bench initially after his injury and O'Nien still is.

  • Always interesting to see the completely different opinions on players from people who watch our guys regularly (sorry Dev!)

    How anyone can talk up WDH I don't know, but I applaud your hopes and optimism!

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