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The Opposition View - Morecambe


  • I would say those are quite kind comments. I thought we were awful, long ball merchants for most of the game. The few times we did try and pass we looked a lot better, but those times were very few and far between. Scarr looked an absolute liability (especially in the first half). Bayo was quiet throughout. Saunders was one of the few who actually tried in the first half, and had he not been booked (not sure what for), I think he would have been more dominant in the second half. But overall we were woeful, and a decent team would have put us to the sword

  • Think Muller celebrating Morcambe's goals means he won't be coming back!

  • Also, the guy that dived to try and win their pen should get a retrospective banning

  • You only get a retrospective ban if you successfully deceive the referee

  • I think Max could have been a bit more diplomatic when he is still on our books

  • @BuckinghamBlue said:
    I think Max could have been a bit more diplomatic when he is still on our books

    If true i doubt he'll be welcome back.

  • Is he not allowed to stand up and politely applaud the team he's on loan at scoring? When sat amongst their fans, in their home stadium!?

  • edited November 2017

    As he has barely played for us and he had played quite a few times for them, one could argue he is more Morcambe than Wycombe.

  • I hate it when players don't celebrate goals

    Good on him

    Anyone put out by it is trying way too hard to be offended. Quite a modern trait

  • It does indicate he’s fully committed to Morcambe and if he makes the move best of luck to him.
    It would be churlish and self defeating if he were to return not to welcome him back I believe he has the potential to be a very good player for whoever he signs for.

  • Even more telling in terms of his future is the fact that he was permitted to play for Morecambe in their FA Cup match against Hartlepool. It seems likely that Dan Scarr’s loan will be extended in January and I wouldn’t bet against him being signed on a permanent basis.

  • This very recent 'not celebrating goals against a team you once played for' is total b******s in my opinion. MM there playing for them, sent on loan, getting game time and so understandably he gets to celebrate for his team-mates. We all enjoyed seeing Kashket reveling in his goal celebrations in front of the Orient bench...don't remember anyone questioning his diplomatic qualifications. That was different no doubt...

  • @Wendoverman - Whilst I agree with you with regard to ex players, when the player is still contracted to us it is slightly different. Most of us would not openly express great delight in seeing our employers suffering.

    However I suspect a deal has already been agreed with Morecambe for his transfer in January. I don't feel it would be a great loss to us. He likes to play the ball out of defence, but when he loses it he hasn't got the pace to win it back.

  • I see the point @mooneyman but having not seen the pictures was he expressing great delight or just applauding as per @Malone post. It's a bit between the devil and the deep blue sea innit? No applause Morecambe fans get pissed off. Applause and blues fans get pissed off.

  • amazing that we're even having this discussion

    he's done nothing wrong at all

  • It'd be pretty dopey of him not reacting positively wouldn't it?

    You'd get Morecambe's equivalent of the drones on here moaning that he wasn't doing so, and it's a disgrace as he's currently on their books blah blah

  • Plus the Morecambe fan said he only "leapt to his feet". It's not like he ran on the pitch celebrating and than went over to the Wycombe fans giving them the wanker sign.

    Would have been quite funny if he had though.

  • It wasn't like he ran over to the away end, gave the big one to the Wycombe fans and kissed the badge on his Morecambe training gear.

    He's more than entitled to stand up and cheer from the bench or home end if the team he is playing for score against his contracted club. What would his Shrimps team mates think of him if he didn't?

  • @Jonny_King "Would have been quite funny if he had though."

    Agreed. Would have been quite apt as well, particularly the odd one or two down at the front after the final whistle who were having a go at the stewards for no obvious reason. We really do have our fair share of tossers at our club.

  • @Cyclops I think you mean fine young men who make the noise, pay the players wages and after a couple of drinks might make the odd slightly racist honest mistake on social media...?

  • Apparently it hasn't occured to them that the more grief and aggression they give stewards at games, the more closely those stewards (and their counterparts at other clubs) will monitor us and keep us hemmed in.

  • Booze, bravado and moronic tendencies are never going to come out well together.

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