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Another injury in training...

... this time to a player that I wasn't aware was on Wycombe's books, although they're described here as his parent club.


  • He was the trialist from pre-season. And knew he was still here solely because of various Snapchats and Instagram Stories (if you're into that sort of thing).
    Incredibly strange there's been no mention by the club, as I'm presuming he's signed a contract rather than still on trial.
    And incredibly strange we went on to sign Ma-Kalambay.

  • Best wishes to him. What on earth are they getting up to in training?!

  • edited November 2017

    Now you mention it, the wording is odd, isn't @clifty04? If he is the trialist from preseason, the correct inference must be he signed a contract if we're properly described as his parent club...

  • Strange never heard of him but there he is in the yellow kaleidoscope kit

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