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  • How long is the ban

  • Good...idiot from the Goon Gang no doubt.

  • Name and shame (if they're over 18).

  • They know the rules so have nobody to blame but themselves.

  • @robin You'll probably not be surprised to hear there is already some online backlash against the club over this from one or two characters.

    Apparently 'they shouldn't be banned because the pyros were let off outside the ground'. Oh well that's alright then isn't it!

    It beggars belief that certain entitled people can be told not to do something a dozen times, still do it anyway and then throw a tantrum when they get exactly the punishment they were being warned with. Reminds me of my nephew, but in his defence he's four years old.

  • Reminds me of our defiant multi-cross mutt.

  • True fans should be allowed to do what they want. As well as providing players with an immediate in-depth critique of their day's work as they drive past in their cars, they supply the noise, the singing and pay the players wages. Someone coughing up a lung or dying is a small price to pay for their contribution.

  • You've got to be a halfwit to bring these after repeated warnings.

    But what sort of shimmering moron gets caught outside the ground, presumably isn't allowed in, and then is banned.
    Not so much name and shame, but name and we'll have a real laugh at their dumbarsery.

    I can imagine the rantings. Like the time I arrived at Adams Park to see a couple of drones swearing mad at a steward clutching banning letters following their behaviour at Portsmouth, arguing that "everyone was doing it", and...wait for know was just "bannn-tarrr"

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