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the anticipation is often greater than the reading

One of the highlights of the football calendar. It's the first FA Cup poem week


  • The Wycombe went off to the Moors
    Supported by pedants and boors
    Undone at the back
    As defenders they lack
    Led to "Ainsworth sacking" flame wars

  • Like the first four lines. Not so keen on last line. Doesn’t scan at all and message a bit muddled.
    “and Will finished up on all fours” would be a cruel echo of the goalmouth scene as Cheltenham scored their equaliser. But I like it and bear no malice whatsoever towards the lad.

  • edited October 2017

    How about this for the last line ?

    "So we end up with high scoring draws"

  • Indeed. The last line was weak but someone else needed the cubicle.

  • Norovirus?

  • That gave me a bleary-eyed early morning chuckle. Tip of the cap to you @Manboobs.

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