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Our Best Starting Eleven



  • My stab at tonight’s lineup had PCH wide right, CMS central and Freeman wide left.

  • @micra surely Southwell plays tonight and probably central

  • Tonights team clearly should primarily be chosen with opportunity to break a record in mind.

    Once that consideration is out of the way, assuming availability is limited to the 16 selected on Saturday, all five substitutes start plus back four to build their understanding.

    So that leaves

    YMK, Gape, WDH,AEA, Jacobson;
    Bloomfield, LON, PCH and Southwell all in, Akinfenwa, Saunders and Bean all having a rest on the bench, leaving Freeman, Eze and CMS to contest two playing and one bench spot. Formation can fit around the 11 selected.

  • This is certainly a game we could do without.

    Only positive is getting the likes of O Nien a start.

    Certainly the benched guys from Saturday will come in, and Bayo and CMS for two only used if absolutely required.

    Hopefully anyone going gets an actual football match rather than the nonsense of last time.

  • can't see anyone calling for 4-4-2 in this thread but there you go

  • I suspect you haven't read the post then, Eric.

    if you have nothing to say.................

  • @DevC do you not even follow the results anymore?

  • @Midlander said:
    micra surely Southwell plays tonight and probably central


  • Fingers crossed for Southwell he has a good attitude so I really want him to make that breakthrough a bit like Freeman has this season

  • Unfortunately for Southwell, he has the Beast blocking his way, so it's the Checkatrade, a few mins as sub, or a wide role he's completely not suited to.

    Freeman has the advantage that he can play either side, and he's against a pool of guys who get regular niggles.

  • If a player is good enough he can play out wide (Bayo is an exception).

  • Southwell seems like a nice lad but hasn't really shown anything apart from industry. Love him to step up a la Freeman but sadly think the gamble has not paid off with him.

  • Not sure how you can say the gamble hasn't paid off. He's hardly played and after being injured for a fair section of last season is now in a squad scoring more goals than the team has done in ages. He's got a tough job breaking in at the moment.
    I've seen enough to hope he could do well. May only reservation is that I'm not sure he's quite the right fit in the current formation. He does a job out wide but it doesn't seem natural.

  • 1 league goal in 16 months says that the gamble hasn't paid off

  • He's not been played regularly as centre forward so arguably has not had enough chances to shine. With the team where we are and the forwards all playing well...hard to see GA is going to risk any wholesale changes unless there are a lot of injuries. Of course if he does get a chance he will have to score hatloads immediately or he will be 'sh*t'.

  • I guess he has to use the Checkatrade to get some form going either here or as a shop window.

  • @Bledlow_Blue Exactly. I wonder if Bloomfield has a higher goals per game ratio than Southwell in the last 16 months?

  • Bloomfield scored a fair few goals last season so he surely will have

  • Bloomfield got 5 in 33 appearances last season...


  • I dare say that Bayo's arrival, and our realisation that he wouldn't be "an option" as it seemed early last year to THE key to everything, has pretty much ended Southwell's hopes.
    Doesn't always work, but on the face of it, it was still a good move, bring a hungry young guy in who has smashed a lower division up. Goodness knows enough people kept on about Tarpey who was a lot older.

  • how on earth is Luke o Nien not in our best 11, does anybody on here have a clue !!!!

  • Yes. I'd say he's not as good as Saunders or Eze and doesn't do the job that Bean or, arguably, Gape do as a holding midfielder.

  • @HCblue said:
    Yes. I'd say he's not as good as Saunders or Eze and doesn't do the job that Bean or, arguably, Gape do as a holding midfielder.

    Totally agree. I’ve met Luke several times and he’s a very bright and likeable character. But he is not in the same class as Saunders or Ezehe and he hasn’t, so far this season, matched the performance of Bean in the non-stop harrying/break up play role.

  • In my efforts to edit this I have inadvertently left a ‘he’ in and it has attached itself to Eze. It’s late.

  • With the injury list as it is our best starting 11 is probably the 11 that can start

  • Eze won't be playing on Sunday so Luke O Nein will get his chance then, at this rate he might be playing centre half.

  • Eze will be playing on Sunday. Betya.

  • QPR have said he will not be available for the FA Cup.

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