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Half time shambles.

Who on earth organises the activities at half time. Granted the British Legion act of remembrance wasn't quite as poor as in recent years but Cheltenham players kicking the ball around were really unsure what to Wycombe players warming up...did no-one warn the Cheltenham team as to what is going on. I am not sure why the national anthem was played but it sounded like it was being played on an old record player with a firework display going on in the background. Then a group of young kids having just a few minutes to do their thing kicking at a goal, it was hurried and probably not a good experience for them. Surely whoever organises this would have thought there would be no time for this sort of thing. And finally no draw tickets announcement made as they had no time to do it. All in all a pretty shabby organisation indeed. Does anyone know what the draw tickets were - it would be just my luck to win it when I haven't got a clue what the numbers were!!


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  • Have to agree..was a shambles.. wòrst ever! Hope the kids are invited back for free next time.Anyone with any sense would be able to work out there is not enough time for both.
    Ticket number is on wwwfc website.

  • Clearly not the worst half time ever. Parachutists delaying the second half was certainly a low bar for me made only slightly better by MoN shouting out the commercial manager.

  • For future reference, the winning ticket numbers are always listed at the bottom of the match report on the club website.

  • Totally agree it was embarrassing It is a solemn occasion well respected by all fans present .The speeches were under rehearsed both before the game and at half time The playing of the National Anthem was almost treasonable and the pea brained idea that you could fit the ceremony and the kids shot out into 15 minutes beggared belief .Glad the kids will be invited back to do it properly .All said best wishes to the Poppy Fund .

  • I thought at first the music the legion walked out to was crackly in a sort of Pathe news style then quickly realised this was not the case and it was just a knackered PA or connection. The mayor sounded like he'd enjoyed maybe a bit too much pre game hospitality.

    A somber occasion and worthy cause all went a bit Dad's Army by the end. Shame really, still I hoped they raised a decent sum from both sets of supporters.

  • Agree. In fairness the Mayor is a great chap who has worked tirelessly for local causes over many years I also believe the son whom he brings to games has a severe disability .In the end the ceremony was no worse than a certain lineman who needs to go to specsavers.

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    Was a strange half time for sure. They obviously should have scrapped the kid's footy, as the usual ceremony type stuff lasts a good chunk of time, and certainly can't be rushed along. I dare say the kids probably would still have preferred any time over none though.

    Not as bad as last season where the guy in the Bodger suit was dossing around In hospitality, delaying their start, with the organisers idiotically insisting on finishing, even though all the players and ref were lined up, and the whole ground was thinking, why is this side show nonsense not stopping!
    Wonder if we got away without a fine for that

  • Mayor seems like a stand-up chap...and I heard him saying he was terrified to someone in the Beechdean afterwards, but a bit of rehearsal would have helped. I did remark to someone I'm all for traditions but the club should either invest in a new fangled CD player or at least wipe the dust off the needle before putting it on the record. Matt Cecil did tell the Cheltenham players to hold off for a bit, which was admirable...but yes, having the kids there that day was a bit of a mistake I think.

  • "Wycombe people" was the highlight.

  • Such a shame the event was so rushed and had such awful technical support. It is such a worthy cause but the ceremony on Saturday was once more bodged beyond belief. I'm almost certain you can still get locked in the Tower for playing the National Anthem that badly.
    It amazes me how they continue to come back and be treated so badly. I'm guessing it's only the boardroom food that brings them back

  • 12 months notice from now to get next years presentation properly prepared and rehearsed. One of the more poignant events in the year certainly deserves this.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle I suspect we are a generous bunch so it's worth the chance of being knocked unconscious by a sliced ball from an unused substitute. Cheltenham is an army town too isn;t it? I'm sure of they had been told about it beforehand the Town players would have delayed their warm-up, rather than just stand awkwardly after Matt Cecil explaining to them what was going on!

  • The mayor did far better than I would

  • @BuckinghamBlue I think he was genuinely excited/moved/touched to be on the hallowed turf, so we can let him off.

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