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  • Thanks, @vital. I'm glad the report doesn't mince words. I'm still steaming about the flagrant injustice of that non-free kick. For all that the ensuing cross could have been better defended, it should never have happened.

  • Excellent report, Len, but the marks for Bean and JJ seem less than generous.

  • JJ didn't have his best game at all. You could almost argue the equaliser was down to him needlessly lumping the ball to no one at every opportunity in the last 10

  • Yes, I think you’re right about the second half. I thought he was outstanding in the first half, as was Marcus Bean.

  • @micra JJ was outstanding but Bean umm..he stands out

  • Bean was everywhere in the first half particularly. Remarkable fitness and energy for one so old. Sorry, Marcus!

  • If Bean isn't on the pitch I don't think we can successfully play Eze and Saunders together. He provides the tackling, physical presence and cover that Gape and O9 can't.

  • Exactly @mooneyman. Marcus has been a revelation this season. His best in a Wycombe shirt so far.

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