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Carabao Cup draw delayed for over an hour so far due to technical difficulties

Not even the worst cock-up they've made this season, after drawing Charlton twice in a previous round, then having another round broadcast at 4am UK time to appeal to the Chinese market, and also drawing home/away teams wrong.

Unbelievable. Just get rid of this dead competition and make the FA cup a little bit more special.


  • The good old fashioned balls in a bag method s the best . How can drawing out 8 names be so difficult ? Agree the competition has had its day .

  • One problem is that there are only a few trophies available each season, so if you take one away, you get even more of a position where top 4, or just staying up becomes a success.

    You even have mid table Premier league teams resting players in the FA Cup these days, so it's gone away from the glory of winning a bit too much.

    Not sure what the answer is, but it's clear the big clubs value the league cup from how many go out to win it. Yes, some rotate early on, but not with just youth teamers like in the mid 90s.
    However, you look at the most recent winners, and they're generally big teams.

  • From Twitter it seems like 'Tuffers' has taken the whole draw thing quite personally. Incredible that the draw in this competition has gone wrong so often.

    As for whether the competition should continue? Of course it should. Players should be aiming for medals as well as money. Supporters should be wanting a Wembley final.

  • Chance of a medal and possibly extra cash for the club? It's not had it's day yet.

  • Probably doesn't help that "Tuffers" was always seen as a "Little bit whoa, a little bit wey" in his earlier days, and then posts things like "hopefully get Arsenal a home draw" just before the very dubiously conducted draw is made.

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