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Arsenal and Citeh could be disqualified from League Cup

After using too many substitutes in extra time


  • As much as i'd chuckle if that were true it's not.
    It's a non story written by a journalist who didn't read the rules.

  • Should be in my eyes. Substitutions are a nonsense anyway. Should be abolished

  • Does anyone outside City and Arsenal supporters really give a monkey?

  • More likely a pony. Substitutions afflict all teams

  • Do they, Mooneyman?

    Really don't see the point of this cup anymore.

  • There is an irony to shoehorning the youth teams into the Checkatrade when these big clubs don't care about the League Cup either. Might as well make the League Cup the youth team competition.

  • Not sure most of them care about the FA Cup either.

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