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GA's press conference

Learn the usual snippets about injuries. Stewart, Side and Williams close. Kashket, Tyson, Harriman long term. Kashket a couple of weeks ago was close and now he is long term again. HINDSIGHT ALERTThe enigma of Kashket does call into question the wisdom of giving him a 2.5 year contract if he had this injury problem which appears to be one that is a lifetime problem rather than a specific traditional type injury. Did we do our diligence when we signed him or did the club (like all of us) get swept up in the moment thinking that Barca were about to swoop for our scoring sensation?



  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub who has said it is a lifetime problem? Ainsworth has consistently said he will be back around December.

  • If we can hang in and around the top 7 up until the turn of the year (which I think we can) the prospect of getting Harriman, Tyson and Kashket back for a second half of the season surge towards promotion is a very exciting one

  • It does seem unlikely Andy that the club would have given Kashket a long contract if they knew when doing so that he had a long term injury issue of this severity.

    he signed his new contract on 5 December 2016. The injury that is now blighting him appears to have become visible on Boxing Day.

    Who knows whether he will ever return at the same level as before or indeed at all.

  • "or indeed at all" - and of course, there is the opposite possibility that he could come back even stronger. Gareth had the same injury issue, and yet enjoyed a very long and successful career. It would follow that Gareth is using lessons learnt from his own injury to help Scott overcome his, for the benefit of his longer term career. If this means a longer lay-off than us fans would like, then so be it. I don't "know" either, but just putting the positive option.

    I'm with Eric - an injection of Harriman, Tyson and Kashket would be like a top-drawer triple January signing bonanza, and at zero cost.

  • I have no more knowledge about Scott Kashkett's condition than the next man (or woman) but, from everything I've read or heard over the past six months or more, I would say that it is not a condition that medical science (or even surgery, perhaps) can readily cure, if at all. The part of the body affected are a group of muscles known as hip flexors. I have the impression that the condition can only be "managed". If that carries echoes of Paul Hayes' Achilles problem, then it is hard to see reasons to be cheerful.
    I am sorry to be so downbeat and I hope I have to eat my words in due course,

  • Is a group muscles.

  • Oh, poo.

  • The hip and Achilles are two completely different parts of the body. Paul Hayes is 34, Scott Kashket is 21.

  • Thanks for that, @Midlander. I defer unhesitatingly to your superior anatomical knowledge. My point was simply that a managed situation is by definition inclined to be ongoing.

    I had hoped to get that message across as many people on here and on social media seem unaware of the nature of Scott’s condition.

  • I don't think @micra was overlooking that @Midlander .
    Merely saying that like with Hayes this is a condition that isn't likely to be fixed, and has to be permanently managed.

    Incredibly worrying at such a young age.

  • Did we ever have an authoritive comment on Kashket’s condition @micra ? I seem to remember someone spoke to someone in the know but it all gets lost a bit with all the rumours.

  • GA is on record saying that the condition has to be managed.

  • And I was on here a while back relating a conversation I had with SK last season (at the Carlisle game) when he said he had a hip problem that had to be managed. When asked what sort of things made it worse, he said running around and playing football or words to that effect...

  • GA said he had the same condition at some point in his career. He did ok after he had rested it.

  • I wonder how long he rested it?

  • I’d welcome an authoritative comment.

  • No one has ever said Kashket will need to be permanently managed. The initial response to the injury earlier this year was it was being “managed.” Given he has now been out for some time I am sure he has been prescribed more than just rest. There may well have been some kind of surgery we don’t know about. He’s certainly now back in light training, which he wasn’t at the start of the season.

  • It will always need to be managed I would think.

  • The real hope is that it's like when Bloomfield missed a huge chunk of time with a really unusual injury (not the knee one - his other main layoff), and came back as good as ever.

    Completely different area, situation, age and style of players i appreciate! But that, and this vague "Gaz had a similar condition" talk are the best we have.

  • Spot on @Malone. Fear the worst; hope (pray, if so inclined) for the best.

  • I had a dream last night. Scott Kashket sprinting past a lumbering Phil Jones at Wembley and slotting home the winner.

  • How uncanny, I had exactly the same dream. In that dream, the play was held up for several minutes, as the police dealt with Mr DevC who had invaded the pitch, wearing nothing but his Watford scarf.

  • No clean sheet for you

  • I’ve just noticed that @Midlander persists in referring to “injury”. It is a condition and it is very likely that Scott Kashket has had the condition for years. My daughter is only 47 but needs a hip replacement because of an irregularity which the medical experts say she has had since birth. If Kashket ‘s situation is any way comparable, references to Bloomfield and GA are, unfortunately, irrelevant.

  • A typical ChasHarps post is a maelstrom of Freudian imagery

    Always very revealing

  • I'm sure i remember some time toward the end of last season GA telling us that Kashket has a chronic injury that needs to be managed.

    Since then he's always been 'a few months away,' but it's encouraging to hear he's back in light training.

  • yes, and the team's been doing pretty well in the meantime

    As I said, if the returning cavalry can lead the charge in January/February, perhaps bolstered by a new face in the transfer window, and securing the prolonged services of Messrs Eze and Umerah, then we could be football league champions for the first time in our history

    All the while being entertained thoroughly by a set of very likeable players playing very enjoyable football

    Lovely scenes

  • Thanks for those who tried to clarify. I’m still none the wiser though. It appears he definitely has a problem/condition with his hip that needs “managing.” No idea though if this is a permanent or temporary condition from what has been said.

    I’ll just cross my fingers

  • @ChasHarps said:
    How uncanny, I had exactly the same dream. In that dream, the play was held up for several minutes, as the police dealt with Mr DevC who had invaded the pitch, wearing nothing but his Watford scarf.

    I hope the scarf covered his Rookery end

  • I wonder how many people have these types of dreams about @DevC ?
    I'm sure you are far from alone @ChasHarps

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