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Just a little cheer up!

I know some are a bit down after Saturday. Let's be honest it really was ugly & uninspiring. So I thought this might cheer a few up, a reminder of one of the better away days.


  • Was a fine if very odd day. shame what happened to Alex Lynch though.

    Never seen a game so differently to the other side. I saw a comfortable fairly uncontroversial away performance, the Plymouth fans saw the worst dark arts imaginable. For a couple of weeks genuinely uncomfortable being a Wycombe supporter down here - it was a bit like the feeling after Diana died - even the usual banter somehow wasn't allowed.

    Singer their stupid "don't worry about a thing" back at them at the end was particularly sweet as I recall.

  • If Twitter is anything to go by, some Argyle fans are still very sore about this game and the apparent crimes against the purity of football committed that day. I went along with a neutral, a former work colleague who is himself a pretty handy amateur footballer and he didn't see anything wrong with how we set about defending our lead in the circumstances. Had the boot been on the other foot, the Argyle fans (and Twitter account!) would have been praising a brave defensive display. But it wasn't and they were just bitter it happened to them, in much the same way many super-duper massive world-beater loadsa-fans teams are when they get beaten by the likes of little old Wycombe.

    I can echo the sentiments of Dev though. The atmosphere in the Britannia afterwards was not particularly pleasant and I kept my jacket firmly zipped up. I still avoid wearing any Wycombe-related attire when I'm in Argyle territory.

  • One of the great awaydays, a privilege to have seen Baz play probably his last game

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