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Next three league matches

I said before the last three matches that if we were still in the top seven after them I would think we had done OK. We are still top seven and, but for a few refereeing decisions, could have earned seven points instead of two:

  • goal against Exeter disallowed for foul on defender;
  • penalty awarded to Carlisle despite no foul occuring;
  • goal by Swindon allowed despite apparent foul on defender.

Now, if we are to be considered genuine automatic promotion challengers, I believe we need to win the next three.


  • GA needs to come up with a plan B. Plan a with Bayo at the centre of all attacking threats is clearly effective but a) he is tiring and b) teams are going to suss us out.
    CMS imho has to be central to plan B and he can carry the goal scoring threat but he has to be central not a winger.

  • You say "suss us out".
    I think everyone knows we'll look to knock it to Bayo at most opportunities.
    They know about it, but very few teams can deal with it for 90.

    Even yesterday, on a dreadful performance in silly conditions you knew that any one knock could work.

  • The beauty of the 4-3-3 with creative midfielders like Saunders and Eze is that Bayo does either draw all the attention of the defenders, freeing up space for the rest of the attackers, or he gets a few opportunities and usually puts them away.

    Winning the next three with our current list of injured players seems ambitious.

  • Ambitious is an understatement, Chris.

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