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  • Thanks @vital. Like you, I was surprised by the team selection and, later, the subs. Though he wasn't flawless, I thought Paris offered the only real threat while he was on. Similarly, taking Sam off while putting Eze on seemed a zero sum move - we desperately needed more creativity to avoid hoofing the ball toward Bayo. There was a disjointed aspect to today's performance that I haven't seen this season and which I hope is down to the wind and injuries that will have healed by next week.

  • Paris is wasted out wide in a 4-4-3.

    Firstly his crossing is far from being his best asset. He's a central striker, his direct running on goal against cumbersome CB's means he get shots off and chances a plenty.

    He's also a very good finisher, has good awareness, with good anticipation and has a cat like leap.

    He was electric in the run up to his move to Millwall. At that point we were playing 4-4-2 and he was playing off Paul Hayes. Most weeks he was unplayable, just unfortunate for him the system has changed. As much as I rate him as a player, I think he is better coming off the bench when the game is more open, playing to his strengths.

  • We should try playing 4-3-3, could work quite nicely if the ref doesn't notice!

  • I reckon even a 4-4-4 wouldn't have done the trick yesterday

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