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Even if the simulation case against the Carlisle player is proved this does not help the innocemt. If this is in retrospect then the penalty is invalid ,the protests justified and any yellow cards should be rescinded


  • It always interests me that as soon as video evidence is discussed in sport the officials who made the original decisions are rarely put under any scrutiny. The original decision is the problem.

  • This should not be a separate thread

  • It would be threadbare then.

  • Sorry, but if Saunders spoke/acted innapropriately towards the ref, then it's a yellow card offence, whether the ref got the original decision right or wrong.

    It's a seperate offence. If Scarr had been booked for the "foul" then that would be a different matter.

  • spot on Jonny

    ridiculous the amount of abuse refs put up with from players, and makes life more difficult for refs on a sunday morning who are giving up their time to do something they love to help other people to likewise

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