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The Opposition View - Carlisle United


  • Thanks, @vital. On the highlights, the pen looks amazingly soft, but not the clearest view and I'm certainly not going to get indignant b/c Sam was.

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    I can't get used to complimentary comments from opposing fans.

  • And to own up to diving and be dead set against it as well. Maybe you should send a copy of the report over to Luton.

  • A thoroughly decent set of comments. Northerners are just a bit nicer aren't they?

  • Luton will walk this league now, seem to have got it right since playing us.

  • Heard this a few times in recent years @rmjlondon but agree this is their best chance yet to get out of League 2

  • They have scored 11 in 2 games against teams who are top 7 material thats my thought process.

  • They were struggling until those two late goals against us and there were rumblings about a managerial change. I do wonder what may have happened had we kept them out.

    But we didn't I suppose.

  • We softened Exeter up on Saturday. Luton ran riot second half last night, no doubt Exeter were leggy and out on their feet.

    Luton should go up this year, based on the showing against us, in my opinion we shouldn't be far behind!

  • What did I tell you?
    Should have put my money where my mouth is I suppose!

  • Luton should indeed win the division - and we outplayed them! We have shown time and again that there is no-one to fear. Promotion will come down to taking our chances, and a bit of injury luck...

  • They SHOULD get promoted but you only get three points however many you score. I hope for a post Christmas Luton slump with an injury crisis and we pip them to third by one point.

  • If we'd have held on against Luton a few weeks back like we should have done (that punch on JJ still makes me angry) we would be ahead of them. A couple of showboating home wins had got them some goals but only six points.

    My view is that they will fall away and teams like Swindon and Coventry will come on stronger.

  • Coventry didn't come on too strongly last night, of course.

  • Coventry were done over by Forest Green last but may strengthen in the transfer window. We will see how much Swindon have to offer this Saturday I suppose but it was good to see most of the surrounding teams drop points on Tuesday. Still tight though with three points between 4th and 9th. We must tighten up at the back to get wins and stop this Sunday league defending!

  • As much as I love watching Sido our comedy defending tends to reduce quite a bit when he isn't on the pitch.

  • Anthony Stewart has performed very well at right back in the past so that might be an option. Against that, he and Adam seem to have struck up a good understanding. Beano has also looked quite sound at right back, not least at Wembley.

  • @OxfordBlue said:
    A thoroughly decent set of comments. Northerners are just a bit nicer aren't they?

    There speaks a man who wasn't at the playoff semi against Carlisle in '94

  • They threw some very nice bricks at me as I ran the gauntlet to the station!

  • I wonder what the Carlisle fans have to say about the charge being brought. The first time this has happened according to the news and may it keep being brought /enforced until the diving is a thing of the past!

  • @Lloyd2084 said:
    They threw some very nice bricks at me as I ran the gauntlet to the station!

    Ah yes I remember that well. I drove to Carlisle on my own and parked about 600 yards from the ground. At the end they all came on the pitch and down towards our bit in the corner didn't they. I left the ground and there was a huge field behind the away stand. I was walking when our fans started sprinting passed me I looked back and there was about 300 home loons running towards me! I decided my best course of action was to do my coat up to hide my shirt and to act miserable. It worked they came running passed me and assumed I was a home fan. It wasn't til I was back on the M6 that I undid my coat and gave it a big get in!!! Happy days indeed!!

  • I remember the play off game and in particular the pitch invasion that followed Garner's goal. The one thing I don't remember is being that bothered or frightened by the Carlisle fans. They seemed more bothered with the stewards and the police than us.
    Only games I remember feeling in any danger were the Col U away games in our early league days (not the non league visits) and any time we visited Stoke City for some odd reason.
    That Carlisle play off game was a great day and largely made the home leg a meaningless game.

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    Interesting news about the charge for diving. Just watched the highlights again, more closely focusing on that incident. My main thought is that the referee made the most massive howler in awarding the penalty in the first place - he was well-placed to see the contest for the ball and cannot have seen anything that could be construed as a foul challenge with or without the Carlisle player going off his feet. Secondly, I thought that, as dives go, this was a fairly modest affair with the player going over pretty easily but without any great theatrics and, once on the ground, immediately looking to continue playing the ball, ie. no protests about having been fouled or the like.

    I'd be putting this one pretty squarely on poor decision-making by the referee and I write that as someone who never grumbles about the referee nor ascribes responsibility for defeats to officials.

  • Well it's good to see the FA at least enforcing its new law. Call me cynical, but won't really believe it has teeth until the first successful application against a Premier League player - and although I don't really watch the Premier League, I'm sure there have been one or two opportunities to apply it since May.

  • @ForeverBlue I think you’re right I watched the Portugal Switzerland World Cup qualifier and β€œsimulation” was as much a part of the Portuguese number 7s game as kicking the ball β€œreceive the ball, jink, turn inside the defender and Dive followed by a theatrical appeal to the official ” was pretty much how it played out it’s easy for the authority’s to go for let’s low lying fruit like Miller

  • can we have the disallowed goal from the Exeter game back as well?

  • Damn we lost 1-0 after all at Colchester in 2010.

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