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Biggest home crowd for as long as I can remember .....

Funny how entertaining football attracts people to come down isn't it ? what say the guys who used to defend the hoofball by saying "it is division 2 what do you expect " or "we have no money " or "you are not a proper fan " for complaining about it ? It obviously is possible on a small budget after all ! more entertainment = more fans = more money .


  • Really encouraging to see the Family Stand so full today. I don't think there was an offer on, so hopefully it's a lot of the Barnet freebies coming back for more.

  • Actually had to queue to get in the bar as well..Was a decent match between 2 sides with small budgets.

  • Sounded a decent crowd, 500 or so from Exeter (again, so much easier to support when you're doing well isn't it!), meaning 4,500+ from us.

    Wasn't so long ago we were seeing appalling crowds in the 3-4,000 range

  • Last year thought we was on around 4200 at best for home support so Definately an increase.

  • It was encouraging but why shouldn't it be 4 wins on the bounce and a team we need to be proud of. Roll on Tuesday.

  • Third highest home attendance of the season from seven games, @James.

  • GA for me tries to implement good football whenever possible. The problems we've had is that we had a real lack of creativity at times, injuries and players like Hayes physical prowess dwindling over night.

    With players like Eze and Saunders is far easier to mix it up rather than lump it forward to Bayo route 1. Ultimately though these types of players come at a cost, that usually is out of our budget.

    Let's hope Eze keeps turning on the style for the forseeable future, the gates revenue increases and as and when he returns we have enough in the pot to sign a simalir player to him moving forwards.

  • @HCblue highest home attendance of the season

  • Lincoln: 5538
    Luton: 5512
    Per club website.

  • We had 4500 home fans today this is the highest "home" crowd of the season

  • Pretty sure Lincoln was a home game.

  • There were 4500 Wycombe fans there today more than any other game this season and probably for the previous two seasons

  • I take your point now, @James. Sure, nice to have more people there. I'd tend to think it's more to do with the team playing successfully than attractively, if either is responsible for today's uplift.

  • I’m not sure anyone particularly defended hoofball. Just understood that a tiny squad with injuries might just have to grind things out to avoid relegation.

    Thankfully we have a larger squad, the signings have gelled and confidence is high.

    I don’t think GA sets out to bore everyone to death, we’ve had plenty of periods playing exciting stuff under his tenure, but sometimes the talent is not there to do that.

    Anyway, all enjoyable for the time being, hence the limited recent contributions of Trevor and that WWFC β€˜never again’ misery.

  • Is Trevor on holiday?

  • I was thinking during most of that game there should be no opposition onplaints about hood ball as we were playing it on the deck mostly while they had to resort to the panicky hoof. Two well matched teams though which gives us hope.

  • Complaints and hoofball of course damn small phones and fat fingers

  • edited October 2017

    @James - Since you asked, the home attendance of 4,506 was bettered last season against Cambridge on the last game of the season when 4,961 home fans made up the total crowd of 6,313. In the 15/16 season the home crowds vs Villa in the FA Cup 3rd round (6,608) and against Mansfield (4,787) bettered yesterday's home attendance.

    Seeing yesterday's game wasn't on a bank holiday, a big cup game or a crucial end-of-season game, it's a good barometer about how our attendances are creeping up slowly but surely.

  • The attendance is being reported differently this season as tickets sold not people through the gate so all season ticket holders are counted as being at every match

  • As far as I know that's been the case for donkey's years. I can't remember it being stated policy that the system had changed at any point.

  • edited October 2017

    Pretty sure that’s how we’ve always counted them. I’ve been at ghost town games where they’ve announced an attendance of 4,500

  • I’m sorry I should say I don’t know if that is something they had changed for this year or had always been the case

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