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We all agree

Scott Brown is better than Yashin
Akinfenwa is better than Eusebio
And Exeter's getting a thrashing


  • In for a? Just saying.

  • Martyn Lee is qualitee?

  • @micra, maybe before the game, but hopefully LX1's text will be correct in the game itself...

  • Yes of course. My version would be appropriately intimidating pre kickoff. Could backfire though.
    If only he was fit, Kashket would scan better than Akinfenwa.

  • @LX1 showing your age there I remember singing this in the 60s at Goodison Park. Obviously,without the Exeter reference.

  • Aye, Aye, Aye Aye
    Maskell is better than Yashin
    Horseman is better than Eusebio
    And Ilford are in for a thrashing.

    Not to mention...

    In your Enfield slums
    In your Enfield slums
    You look in the dustbin for something to eat
    You find a dead cat and think it's a treat
    In your Enfield slums

  • Classic songs. Always difficult to fit Walthamstow into the first but 3 syllable teams were so much better for the latter. And you couldn’t sing it against St Albans for obvious reasons.

    On the subject of classics - it was lovely to hear a rendition of Molly Malone a week or two ago. Always a favourite of mine and not heard it sung for a while

  • As i recall, it was Fergie that was better than Yashin, Hurst better than Eusebio and variously Tottenham, Chelsea and Arsenal in for the thrashing.

  • Corinthian-Casuals was a particularly difficult one to fit in, although I can't remember that being attempted, their thrashing was taken for granted.

  • Another place where the heart sank at the sound of a lone voice shouting "Give us a 'C'".

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