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edited October 2017 in Football

with Bean and El Abd walking a tightrope of 4 cautions Im wondering if a tatical booking could be on the cards so they miss the Carlisle game which looks the easiest this month.


  • Problem with that is if you get booked it's easy to get 2 if we have a shit ref.

  • I meant wait till late in game not the 1st minute lol

  • Im saying this as missing them both at Swindon would be a problem.

  • For the first time in an age I would say that if we lose El And Scare will step in nicely and if we lose Bean Gape can do a similar job. Spoilt for choice at the moment.

  • edited October 2017

    Given that I think it's the first time I've ever seen you use one, was that apostrophe in the thread title your best ever troll, Richie?

  • Its a genuine question thanks @HCblue

  • Understood, Richie. It was the title to which I was referring.

  • That better for you ?

  • Like balm to the soul. :-)

  • Gaz likes to bring Scarr in to rest one of the others when the games stack up, so a late El Abd booking on Saturday wouldn't be a bad idea. Miss Tue, which he'd very possibly miss anyway.

    Otherwise, not sure Bean or El Abd can both 4 games without a booking to miss the next Checkatrade game.

  • Checkatrade bookings dont count in the league or vice versa

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