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What a job GA is doing!!!!!!!

Think.... we have Kashket out injured.... Paris out injured, O'Nein out injured, Harriman out injured, Tyson out injured..... look at those names, look at the pedigree and skill sets we have sidelined..... yet with our budget and the size of our squad..... the team sheets come in and you think.... yeah, we got this!!!
I've been a full time supporter since the 1999/2000 season, many of those as a season ticket holder. Never in all those years have we had the strength and depth in the squad as we have now. Ga has done a fantastic job!!
Coyb!!! Every faith we will be playing in league 1 next season. Awsome stuff!!!



  • I haven't been his biggest fan, but since the Notts county game everything has improved dramatically long may it continue.......coyb

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    Hopefully Tyson isn't as bad as feared, but I agree, what a squad we have now.

    The young lad who scored the third comes straight into the starting line up, to be joined by Paris,Southwell and Freeman competing to get in that front 3.

  • What's most impressive is that he's nearly always delivered on major signings (maybe not Goze) - always a minefield

  • To play devils advocate I'd say we had a better squad under John Gorman. We probably also had five times the wage bill too mind you.

    Gaz is and always has done a great job. At times it hasn't been pretty to watch but that's not been the case lately. We played some great football today.

  • Brilliant to see such a good bloke doing so well.

  • It was top stuff today. We didn't dominate until late on- nice to see us looking for a fourth and not fannying about too much- but another solid performance with moments of brilliance. All I want for Christmas now is Eze's loan extended. Class player.

  • I don't actually agree @BlueBoy but it's all opinions ay!!!?

  • Not one to gloat but this is brilliant to see. Over the 12 months, I have seen on a regular basis:

    Ainsworth out
    Ainsworth has no tactical skill set
    Only plays his mates

    I could carry on with the above but I'd rather praise the guy. He's a legend with what he has achieved over the last 5 years. Wycombe's prized asset by a country mile.

    I hope every keyboard warrior is squirming right now, as under Ainsworth's management, we are 4th in the league and top scorers in the football league.



  • With you all the way @fame_46 !!!
    Let's ignore the goal difference though and call it joint 3rd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'm not gunna lie.... I've had my frustrations with Gazza.... playing the same team every week regardless of form in the past, leaving it 'till the last 10 mins to make a sub, when it's too late....
    however I really feel he has learnt!! I never thought I'd see gaz leave el abd on the bench if needed, especially after making him captain.... and his subs recently have been timely and inspired. A few game winning goals and performances from the bench.

  • I think Andrew Howard deserves some praise in his new role, who was presumably involved in the latest signings and loanees.

  • Looking at this season's acquisitions, they have all been tip-top. Tyson, CM-S, Eze, Umerah and Scarr. Each has brought something valuable and at least two of them bring some x factor.

  • Why do you feel he was involved @mooneyman ?? He has average football knowledge at best right? Football is not his sport

  • It is far from unthinkable that someone with what is, I assume, a considerable amount of experience in forward planning may have had a hand in putting together a capable squad. I suspect those skills are transferable, even if no-one thinks he was out scouting the players.

  • @Alexo - He is now Sporting Director and responsible for negotiating contracts with players, so it is possible he may have a slight involvement!!

  • As the owner/driver of a motorsport team, I suspect AH is uniquely placed of:
    A getting the best people in to perform there role in a sporting environment
    B. Getting the best value for money in a difficult field
    C. Has first hand expirence of how to tout for sponsorships/backing from people so he can drive his fancy cars on a Sunday.

    All are exactly the sort of thing a sporting director needs to do at this level.

  • Oh, and not being a die hard Wycombe fan, probably gives himself a level of objectivity required to make the right decisions.

  • All fair points gents..... or ladies!!
    I get what your saying.... well if this is the case, a massive hats off to AH also.
    I don't care how we come to find ourselves in the position we are in, but god am I happy to be a wanderer right now!!

  • @BlueBoy , an interesting discussion, maybe suited to another thread!

    Comparing the Gormania team, to the one we had in the recent playoff season, to this one.
    Maybe even chucking in our 93/94 team too?

    Squad is certainly the strongest we've had now, as if you took out 3-4 regulars out of those teams, they'd certainly know about it. Whereas at the moment, we're covering well, touch wood!

  • Just been looking at the Plymouth forum. Suddenly there is a lot of love for Ainsworth down there to take over from Adams. Even an admission that the 'dark arts' are suddenly acceptable if it gets Plymouth out of the relegation doo-dah

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    Almost as big a swing as some of our beloved drone army, changing from constantly whinging on the fb group, with some even using certain slurs against him, to suddenly he's alright again.

    I wonder if that Pete guy on the FB page is still demanding to "see" the 5 year plan, because he "owns his own business"

    Who'd be a footy manager eh?

  • In fairness to those on the FB group, they're perfectly entitled to have complained about the dross that's been served for the past 2 seasons.

    It's better now so they're allowed to be happy. I don't see what the issue is.

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    Most posters are pretty fair. It's the ones that whine repeatedly, then disappear for weeks or months when we're playing well that are a right state

  • The negative comments have not been unique to FB in past months (though the language in which they may have been expressed could have been, if I have heard correctly). Football fans form a constituency not known for its uniformly hard logic.

  • @Malone said:
    Most posters are pretty fair. It's the ones that whine repeatedly, then disappear for weeks or months when we're playing well that are a right state

    Exactly. And joy of the good times is tempered by the thought of them reappearing when we lose two on the trot.

  • On behalf of balding chaps (of which I am happily not one), there is no upper age limit on Facebook. Moreover, balding is no respecter of age. On that pompous note.....

  • ..... I shall make a quick visit to see if any pearls of wisdom are being spouted. I'll report back if they are.

  • @micra, on behalf of balding chaps (of which I happily am one) can I just say that there's no particular reason for you to be happy you're not...

  • @Wig_and_Pen said:
    micra, on behalf of balding chaps (of which I happily am one) can I just say that there's no particular reason for you to be happy you're not...

    Not the most politically correct aside looking back. I suspect the main reason is that, having lost most of my teeth and generally starting to disintegrate, the hair is a bit of a saving grace and the reason why most people, sincerely I like to think, are surprised when I tell them my age.

    I seem to have sold my soul on here today.
    Dog getting increasingly restive. Probably just as well. Walkies now.

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