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Michael Harriman Out Until January?

According to someone on Facebook Michael Harriman is out until January after breaking his leg in training. Very bad news if true and even though we have an able replacement in Sido, it's very sad as he had been playing brilliantly. We wish him all the best and hope he makes a good recovery.



  • If that is true it is gut wrenching for everyone. What a player he is! I just hope he recovers well.

  • Would be gutting if true particularly as he has hit top form all season so far and consistently so. Much like our other full back

    Sido is certainly not a bad deputy though.

  • looks like were going to need the squad if this is true, we keep getting injuries with LON being out for a while with his knee injury.

  • I couldn't see him in any of the pics/vids posted from the training sessions

  • Do we have any update on o9 or Bloomers? PCH is always going to be a 2 games in 2 games out player as he is known sick note. Which leaves Kashket and Rowe as the other MIA squad players. Quite is list of injured players when you consider how well we are doing

  • Blooms and PCH are back in training and nearing availability. Kashket not. Danny Rowe - who knows?

  • Kashket not nearing availability, that is. I don't know if he's doing any training.

  • Anyone confirm a PCH rumour that he was suspended for being late to training?

  • I would think suspension for lateness is extremely heavy handed so unlikely unless a regular occurance

  • He was very early for training last Saturday. He told us he'd been put through his paces with "Waitesy". Not having the sharpest hearing, I had an image of him running around carrying weights. He was of course referring to David Waites.

  • harriman now confirmed and sounds like a bad one to have needed an operation.

  • Dreadful news after he made such a brilliant start to the season.

  • Such a shame as he was showing the kind of form he had when he was on loan.
    On the ‘plus’ side Sido is a great replacement and deserves a chance

  • Bad news, and it always feels worse in a way when it comes in training as well. You get no warning of it.

    I do think Jombati is at the top of the list of players unfortunate not to start every week though, so at least he gets a good run now. More height in the defence never hurts either.

  • All the best to him, nice bloke and very good player, hope he's back soon and makes a full recovery.

  • GA just said Kashket is back for Christmas.

  • @niebieski said:
    GA just said Kashket is back for Christmas.

    Opposing defences should be afraid of our firepower up front if true.

  • While it's good to hear there's a definite return date, that's still over 2 1/2months away!

  • @niebieski said:
    GA just said Kashket is back for Christmas.

    That’s not how I heard it. I thought he was referring to Harriman and Tyson being back by then with Kashlet as an afterthought

  • No, they can't judge on Tyson yet, so definitely meaning Kashket.

    Also, 2 1/2 months for a broken leg would be a quick recovery for Harriman!

  • How bad is Tyson?

  • edited October 2017

    You tend to have to let swelling go down with knees for a few days don't you before you can get an exact idea?
    The way Gaz is already saying "Bad" means we should expect a long spell, and be delighted if it's not!

  • Still not sure. Listening to it again he finishes with “... with Scotty Kasket as well.” Doesn’t sound to me like he was one of the two “back around Christmas”

  • That'd be pretty worrying if the Kashket return is still open ended like that.
    Although it could mean he could be back sooner.

    If he's out of contract at the end of this season we could have a big decision to make. But is it 2018, or 2019?

  • I heard it as the original poster did, that Harriman and Kashket will be back in December and that Tyson will be assessed during the week.

  • At least Sido was a very capable replacement today if we can forget his Sido moment. Remember just how good he was in the playoff season

  • @Malone 2019 I believe.

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