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Where is Simon Garner these days !

What a great signing he was


  • He lives in Berkshire and is a Painter and Decorator, ,He worked for a certain former Director of the Club for a short while. I also agree he was a great player, and much admired by a current manager who we all adore.

  • Scorer of one of my favourite all time goals at Carlisle away in the play off first leg. There was a man who knew how to wind up the opposition fans.
    In his early days I rocked up at the Very Suite at 12 to see him enjoying a drink at the bar with a club blazer. Thought nothing of it. Mates arrived later on and said 'any team news?*'. 'Nah' I said 'But Garner is out I know that'. 2:30 arrived and there was his name on the team sheet. Legend.

    *back in the day, kids, player injuries were not subject to non-disclosure agreements

  • "interesting" atmosphere at that game!

  • @eric_plant I recall how back in August they were so welcoming to the new little kids from non-league. We went to the golf club close to the ground for a drink and they were friendly and hospitable, it was lovely.
    Just a few months later I recall running for the car and then driving at haste down cobbled streets away from the ground as quickly as I could.

  • yep - exactly the same experience

    we weren't even safe once we were in our car. They were going up and down the lines of traffic looking for Wycombe fans. Terrifying stuff

    Was absolutely delighted when they were relegated out of the league a few years later

  • Scorer of one of my favourite all time goals at home against Huddersfield. There was a bit of a push in the build up, everyone stopped playing apart from super Simon Garner who casually strolled through the defence and popped it away. He may well be my favourite Wycombe player of all time.

  • That home game against Huddersfield still ranks as one of our greatest ever Adams Park performances for me. I think we came from behind to win 2-1 despite having 10 men for most of the match. The atmosphere that day was something else, absolute bedlam when Garner fired that late winner into the top corner.

  • what a match that was. Down to 10 men early on (Gary Patterson on his debut) and 1-0 down to one of the best teams in the league, the belief in that team at that time was something else.

    Roared on by the crowd in one of the best atmospheres ever at Adams Park, that is up there amongst my favourite matches of all time

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    And here it is:

  • is that Baz in goal for Posh ?

  • Had a quick look to try and find it, can anyone give a rough time of the Huddersfield match on there?

  • 35:20 or thereabouts.

  • Thanks, Ned. Given Richie's reference to the possibility that Barry Richardson may have been the goalkeeper for Peterborough in the clip of the match there, I wish I'd made a note of the point at which it is shown. Would also have been helpful if @stevedore had indicated where the Garner goal against Huddersfield is shown. There are plenty of Garner goals of course.

    I was mot expecting a whole season's highlights!

  • Nice one Ned.

    By random, I started on 28 and enjoyed Mickey Bell getting up and smashing a Blackpool player.
    Ah Mickey Bell. The pain of him deserting us and killing that pre-season optimism never quite goes away.

  • Thanks for those great memories, always enjoy those season videos. The togetherness of the squad this season may rival that one and all being equal we may go one better. COYB!!!!

  • Comparing the enthralling O Neill commentary on the year's work to Smith on his end of season video, where he's unshaven and half awake, like he's just been woken up from a park bench is such a contrast.

    Probably what you'd expect from a guy who said "I genuinely thought i was doing well", keeping us midpack, when we'd just come 6th the year before.

  • Peterborough games are:-

    (A) 16:46 - Posh keeper is Mark Prudhoe
    (H) 1:03:21 - Posh keeper is Ian Feuer

    Both on loan, from Stoke and West Ham respectively.

  • must be the nose that made me think it was Baz.

  • I’d keep off anything GK related if I were you Richie. You have a pretty high β€˜miss’ ratio

  • Thanks for the video @stevedore, what a player Garner was.

    Is the black guy in the 11 shirt in the opening game Tony Hemings?

  • How mad does the Evening Standard 5-a-side seem now? Top players used to participate in that from all the leagues.

  • @drcongo 14? Yes, that’s Tony Hemings.

  • edited October 2017

    Shame they scrapped it before we had a chance of making it 3 on the bounce though. But yes, a mad competition, especially coming before play off games! But I suppose less injuries come in those sort of games.

    Having said that I read that Gazza missed a key England game once, getting injured in some nonsense little tournament like the 5s!

  • Hmmm, sorry @micra; I thought I'd set it to start at 35:20.

  • @stevedore said:
    Hmmm, sorry micra; I thought I'd set it to start at 35:20.

    No worries stevedore - I just couldn't bring myself to plough through over an hour's highlights on my little iPhone! Rarely switch on the laptop these days.

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