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Can Anyone Explain, please......

...... why the picture on page 10 of Saturday's match programme shows Tyson celebrating with the two Scotts?


  • Ah well, I was just curious to see what looked like Scott Kashket as part of the group celebrating Tyson's goal. Not important. Slow news day.

  • I'm still intrigued to see Scott Kashket in full kit (?) and desperately clinging to the hope that it is an encouraging sign!

    Please, at least someone tell me it's a case of mistaken identity on my part!!

  • Micra. its a case of mistaken identity on your part

    Hope you feel better now.

  • How would you know?! Who is it then if not Kashket?

  • I've just seen where you're coming from, Dev.

  • Wow what brings you down to this part of the world...........

  • My mobility scooter

  • Body is required.

  • Sorry Micra. You haven't been able to rely on that law since the 50s.

    Keep on running and don't tell the Fuzz where you are.

  • That's Saunders with the tattoos and jj

  • Worst incorrect rumour of a player's involvement, since some chump on the FB group was ferociously adamant that Blackman was training with us this summer? I think it's comfortably so.

  • By Jove, Malone, I reckon you could be right! The gloves in the shorts pocket seemed a giveaway and it never occurred to me that the guy wasn't wearing 'keeper's kit! What a chump. The expression on the other guy's face is pure Kashket and I didn't think JJ (the obvious identity in a process of elimination) wore long sleeves or had high arching eyebrows.

    Pretty sure it wasn't me who was convinced he'd seen Blackman training with the squad in the summer!

  • Yep, it was some random on the FB page who i'm not sure has been back since. Such was his embarrassment at arguing something so wrong, so ferociously.

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