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  • Admittedly I'm attending the Hour Glass less now, but I don't believe (and I'm sure somebody more in the know is going to tell me I'm completely wrong) these hygiene ratings mean a lot.
    If anybody watched the Salford documentary on the BBC. 'Babs Cafe' at the ground had a 0 hygiene rating, but she then took time to fill in a load of paperwork and got a 5. How the food/drink was stored/sold etc didn't change at all.
    I'm guessing the landlord maybe can't be bothered with a paperwork exercise.

  • The pub is a dump and the couple who run it are scum (I presume it's the same couple the mans a Bournemouth fan).....i went there a few years ago and the landlady was smoking out the front while heavily pregnant classy

  • It's changed ownership in the summer @bigred87.
    The Bournemouth fan and family looked after the regular Wycombe fans. The new landlord who doesn't like football, not so much.... (e.g. Luton game).

  • That's what happens when you fill a place with Luton fans.

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    Nice opener bigred! Chuckled at that.

    Surely your average footy fan booze monkey doesn't care about hygiene, they just want their plastic cup, and some swill poured in. Happy days, lovely.

  • The previous landlord was a top bloke. Really cared about Wycombe fans. Had a good range of real ales always on tap. Not too sure about this new bloke though. How can you shut out Wycombe fans for the Luton game, when we are his bread and butter throughout the season?
    Went in there Tuesday night with my son for a pint, no real ale, supplier hadn't delivered or so the landlord said. More likely couldn't be arsed to get supplies in.

  • @clifty04 Really no idea to be honest mate. You could well be right, although it certainly doesn't sound good! I've used to pop in there myself a few years back, but much prefer drinking in the Vere now. Haven't been in the HG since the end of the 15/16 season.

  • It's not really about the paperwork, as with all these things.

    I'm not an expert in how the food hygiene ratings are assessed, but it will be a matter of having a structured, documented approach to hygiene. This ensures that processes in place are hygienic. Without this approach the owner has no way of demonstrating to the council that their business is hygienic (which is the paperwork side of things) but more importantly little control over the hygiene in the kitchen, often involving tasks carried out by low paid staff working long hours in a stressful environment.

    People's safety is genuinely at stake if things aren't done correctly with food preparation.

  • I’m pretty certain the pint of bombardier I had in there a few weeks ago was being pumped straight from the gents. Without any doubt the worst beer I’ve drunk in years - I suspect the man’s cellaring skills are limited.

  • You could well be right @Chris, I was solely basing my knowledge on Babs Cafe. As @Jonny_King says though if you see a 0 rating it's not the best, regardless of how much it actually means.
    I don't think the new landlord does food, although barely been in there this season so can't say for definite. The old one did offer rolls on a Saturday. As @bobbyblue said, the old landlord was a top bloke.

  • So as a new supporder, galvanised by those I met with last week, where did the fans drink? If not the hour glass? Seems the natural home fans pub?

  • The Hourglass or at the ground. They're pretty much your only two choices unless you fancy a long walk.

  • Being in my late teens, walking is no issue, but where is the pre match buzz at?

  • Zero out of five for hygiene and tubby gobshites in the car park, it sounds delightful but I may just have to give it a miss and stick to my usual pre match warm up of a program from the charming ladies in the kiosk and a pint in the Vere.

  • There is surely no reason to go to the hour glass. Horrible pub, horrible locals (by and large) and surely you'd rather give ww money by buying beer then.

    Admittedly I've not been since the objectionable geordie and his family ran it but got no intention of going back.

  • Agreed @Midlander although the beer at the ground isn't great. The Bootlegger in town is decent if you're coming in that way.

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    The idea of the star ratings would shame under performing establishments to raise their standards is being undermined by the halfwits that use the pub... boycott the place until the lazy bastards comply with the recommended procedures.
    Having been a publican I have first hand experience in how easy it is to get a good rating, for fucks sake the kebab van in Thame High St has 5 stars!

  • The kebab van in Thame High Street was awarded best in England status

  • I am a High Wycombe exile. The Hour Glass is dread full. Drink in the vere and point away fanso to the marquee

  • My usual route to the game would take in a pint at the glass then up the Vere as they have the real ale festival in the corner of the Vere and well worth trying, then in the Vere after the game before heading down to the glass for a few and taxi home. Paul, the previous LL looked after the Wycombe fans and had a good rapport with the the away fans too and NEVER made it away fans only. The new guy is I believe temporary and doesn't give a hoot about football or the Wycombe fans. Went in after the Luton game and was ignored by the owner and then some mates of his got a tad aggressive towards us so we drank up,and left.
    I will by pass it today but don't wish for it to go under, only that a decent LL takes over, one that serves good beer and cares about his punters. However it's the Vere only for me today.

  • No desire to go in until they get decent cider on, especially after the Luton incident

  • Was the hygiene assessment carried out in the wake of the Luton takeover? That might explain the zero rating.

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