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1966 and all that

I wonder if some of the older supporters amongst us saw the similarities in Tysons strike last night and the hat trick goal by Geoff Hurst in the World Cup Final...similar run on goal and struck from about the same position which was still travelling at speed as it nearly burst the net. Nothing can really compare to that fabulous strike by Hurst that day, but Tyson came pretty close last night....good to see GA come over to the Valley end last night as well. Football can be just incredible at times - what a finish last night!!


  • Similar, except that Sir Geoff wasn't trying to score:

    “I decided I was going to waste some time so I was going to put my foot through the ball and put it so far beyond the sand track running around the pitch that by the time the ball boy retrieved it the game would be over. So it was not placed and if you watch film of that moment just as I am about to strike the ball it hit a divot and sat up a little higher than I judged so I caught it with the boney instep instead of the toes – so the full meat of the foot sent the ball zipping into the back of the net.”

  • I was blessed to see both in the flesh. I was 18 back in 66. Still have my ticket 51 years on.

  • @MBS I made the same comparison immediately after Tuesday's game. Nice this time to see it happen 'in the flesh' rather than on tv as was in 1966.

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