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For any of you "youth terrace haters " out there listen to Tysons interview

Whether people like it or not the players respond to the terrace and it's chanting . I did not hear him mention the Frank Adams stand . I am not suggesting the FA stand does not have it's on role to play in the atmosphere of the ground but a few on here (who presumably sit there ) have suggested we could do without the youth in the terrace . Listen and learn , the players love to score in front of the terrace , they appreciate it ,and play to it . In my opinion the people on this forum who continuously knock the youngsters behind the goal should start to appreciate their value.



  • @James we all love a passionate terrace, pro us and anti the opposition. What the gripes are about is when this turns to racism, personal and sustained abuse of our players, pyrotechnics and generally behaviour that makes normal people want to disassociate themselves with our own fans (I'm not talking about someone cussing here and there).

  • I'm still waiting for Tyson to start talking.

  • You miss the point, James. Not sure deliberately or not.

    Nobody I have seen opposes a noisy positive support atmosphere at a football match. "The youth" have potential to be a major part of consistently creating that positive attribute and to be a really positive part of WW.

    Unfortunately too often "the youth" throw away that positive contribution with anti-social behaviour.

    So either they can get rid of the downsides in which case there is no problem OR its a judgement call whether or not the positives outweigh the negatives

  • Nothing wrong with the youth on the terrace as long as all the noise is funnelled into roaring the team on. There's always been "youth" on the terrace, take a look at you-tube videos of the terrace 20+ years ago, packed to the rafters with "youth" who are now 40+ year olds ! Where it crosses the line is when it gets abusive to our own players and other supporters and breaking the rules which results in the club getting fined and the clubs reputation getting dragged through the mire,

  • Reading your posts @James, you don't half love an assumption! Always better to base your posts on facts rather than your own conjecture.

    This is a real can of worms subject and I'm not comfortable with the idea of some Wycombe fan being appointed 'crowd snitch' for the day to start throwing his or her weight around. I do in theory agree with the idea of sending letters to those who are witnessed overstepping the mark with a polite but firm written warning and a clear layout of what is and isn't acceptable (i.e - Don't do anything illegal, if you really need to be told that).

    I am staggered that there are some people who can't tell what is and isn't acceptable behaviour at a football match. Singing great, being a bit pissed and saying a few naughty words, let he who is without sin and all that, but setting off pyrotechnics when you know and have been told countless times that will not be tolerated is beyond moronic and I have zero sympathy with those who are caught and banned. Likewise those who attempt to engage in any form of violence, no matter how laughably ineffective.

    Bad language and 'anti-social' behaviour is more subjective and harder to define. I eff and blind as much as the next person, but I cringe at the extraordinary level of vile abuse that is dished by some fans at AP, including to our own players at times. It's quite clear that the behaviour of a minority of supporters is having a negative impact on the enjoyment of a number of fans at Wycombe games, which suggests to me that it is time for someone to step in - not necessarily throwing bans around, but having a word with people and giving them a chance to amend their behaviour.

    I know Wycombe fans, including young people, who have moved to a different section of the terrace, even relocated to the FA stand, because they are so sick of it. I myself stand further away from the back centre of the terrace than I used to and I definitely join in fewer songs and chants as so many of them are distasteful to me (and as I said, I don't claim not to use bad language myself). I wonder if there are people who actively decide not to go to some/any Wycombe games because of this behaviour, which sadly does appear to be on the gradual increase, both with the frequency of it and the number of people doing it.

    Something needs to change. Hopefully an agreement can be reached with all 'parties' without anyone being banned.

  • Lest my flippant remark above be construed as identifying me as a youth terrace hater, let me say that nothing could be further from the truth. Those guys are the future of the club. A tiny minority apparently cross the line occasionally and, in that respect, I agree with the last sentence of @Stewie63's post.

    I was being flippant about the absence of a reference to the source of the interview with Tyson. I've now watched it on iFollow and have been very impressed. What a likeable and clearly still highly enthusiastic guy. He was absolute class last night .
    Just one other thing. I'll be 80 next year but I am slightly hoarse today from shouting, chanting and, to my shame, being aggressively critical of the referee on a couple of occasions. There is at least one noisily vocal cell (not quite a group!) in the FA stand and I'm proud to be part of it.

  • Are you happy for some of the youngsters to bring flares into the ground, abuse our players resulting in the Pierre incident, or calling our loyal and hardworking manager a gypo on social media James? In my opinion these are the very few people who need weeding out from the club.

  • @James - I don't think anyone is questioning the value of a vocal support but do you think Tyson was motivated by the chant on Saturday that was about kicking a Col U fan's head in that appeared 3 or 4 times throughout the game?

  • Missing the original point once more @James
    But seeing as a nerve as clearly been hit I'd have a read back and see what you are missing.

  • I think you're a bit off the mark, @James. I don't think, notwithstanding some inapt phrasing of comments at times by some of us, that it's a young/ old thing. As others have said above, it's more a case of being against the anti-social nature of some behaviour. From observation on Saturday, those in the rowdy group outside the game on Saturday were by no means uniquely under 25 years old. Hate the sin, love the sinner, and all that.

  • @james We were all young once. Your age will pass and another lot will step in your shoes. Time stands still for no one

  • Last night someone not far from me (Beechdean behind the opposition dug-out) and certainly not a youth starting shouting unpleasant stuff about the Crewe manager's wife until he was told to shut-up. Stupidity is not confined to he younglings.

  • 'A few on here' usually ignore any post that begins 'a few on here' as what follows is usually bollocks.

  • A few on here have the highest regard for @Wendoverman, thinking him a capital fellow.

    Catch 22?

  • I am in full agreement with people about positive noise being supportive of the team, and abusive and aggressive behaviour being detrimental.
    It is not a matter of young vs old or terraces vs FA (or any other) stand. It is a matter of the damage that is being done to the club by a few.

    I grew up on the terraces of Loakes Park, and later AP. I am not sure I would wish to inflict the behaviour of some of the current 'supporters' on a child. Children becoming hooked on supporting WWFC is the future of the club.

    In terms of the subject of this thread, I would suggest that @James listens to Tyson interview again.

    1. He did not mention youth or the age of any other supporters.
    2. It was the interviewer who raised the subject of the terraces. Tyson said, "It was good to score in front of them."
    3. He went on to say it is nice to hear your name chanted from the stands.

    Hardly a glowing endorsement of any particular section of the crowd.

    Now can I get back to sitting in the stand and youth-hating? (He said sarcastically.)

  • "Now can I get back to sitting in the stand and youth-hating? (He said sarcastically.)"

    I'm picturing a curled lip.

  • The exception that proves the rule?

  • Just a joke folks, just a joke!

  • @M3G . I am 47 , I used to be one of the young ones like yourself . I was not going to narrow it down to names @StrongestTeam but if you look back at the comments on the post with regards to the Colchester "anti social behaviour " you will find several posters suggesting there is no need for the terrace as the "void" would be taken up elsewhere and that they would happy for the group behind the goal to not be there .I also think that certain contributors on here ( certainly not all or even most) view the younger fans opinions on the face book site as below them and react in a condescending manor to it (whether they have used choice language of not ). I feel that they hold a certain amount of animosity against them for their chanting (even if it is not abusive ) and their general Boisterousness during the game . My argument is that this helps the players , it needs to be recognised more and not criticised so much . There have been a hand full of incidents from a few of them which have crossed the line and they have paid the price . In the main it is youthful hot headedness and were this might not be to the appetite of some older fans I feel they need to accept the players rise to this far more than polite clapping form a seated position (which these older fans would seem to prefer ). The "abuse " of players and the manager can not be singled out on the younger fans either and it my opinion that it is fairly universal through out football for this to happen when a team is mot performing . What Tyson said about "scoring in front of the terrace " has been repeated by many of the players . The manager mentioned we "out sang " the Colchester fans , he did not mention us "out clapping " them . The certain elder fans are entitled to view the match in the way they see fit but looking down their noses at the "youf " ,as I have seen them referred to on countless occasion on here , seems to me to be unhelpful. .

  • @Wendoverman said:
    Last night someone not far from me (Beechdean behind the opposition dug-out) and certainly not a youth starting shouting unpleasant stuff about the Crewe manager's wife until he was told to shut-up. Stupidity is not confined to he younglings.

    I heard that @Wendoverman & thought it was crass too. Not funny at all, he sits in the row below me and it's not the 1st stupid piece of abuse that has been very wide of the mark.

  • @EwanHoosaami indeed...sometimes he is quite funny but he seemed to insist on repeating his offence despite people telling him not to. It was strange.

  • @HCblue There are exceptions to every rule, of course!

  • A few on here would say the previous statement was not one of them. :-)

  • @James then you are just assuming about a backlash that doesn't really exist . Trouble with the modern world is social media makes a small event seem like it's important and frankly it's not. All points are relevant but no more today as when we were young and wanted to play up.

  • edited September 2017

    Last night, lots of people who went to the Colchester match had heard about trouble after the game...but none of them had actually seen it.

  • He’s right about my opinions on (any) Facebook group though. Any opinions on there expressed by anyone of any age, gender, belief-system should be totally discounted as adding to the betterment of anything at all.

    Except of course my posts on there

  • You've described my opinion about any discussions about anything anywhere ever, @bookertease.

  • @bookertease I don't post on there (FB group) but if I did the opinions would be simply fantastic and hard to argue with.
    Or else.

  • footballer in "crowd woz great" shocker.

    It's standard player soundbite for goodness sake.

  • Probably really believes it when bands say "this is the best gig we've ever done!"

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