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On the Dr Feelgood Canvey trail

The ColU win really completed a fine day, after first visiting Canvey Island to search out some key Feelgood locations, along with fellow Feelgood fan @A_Worboys.

We only had time to search out the jetty on the ‘Down by the Jetty’ album cover (near the Lobster Smack pub), the Labworth Café, the striking 1930s building built to resemble the bridge of the Queen Mary, and finally to lunch at the Oysterfleet Hotel, which has a Blue Plaque commemorating the band’s late lamented singer Lee Brilleaux. I tweeted three photos at

(you should be able to see this without a Twitter account).

Next time we play Southend on a Saturday we might have to search out other important places. Perhaps we can organise a Chairboys tour with fellow fans! Chris Fenwick, still the band’s manager after over 40 years, leads an annual walking tour of the island. I really like Canvey, it’s a very down to earth and unpretentious place, and I’ve always liked the smells and sights of the creeks around estuaries.

It got me thinking, are there any other music trails we can follow on our away trips?


  • Brilleaux, J.B. Sparks, The Big Figure, Wilko after the break up of that fantastic line up the tsunami of punk washed Feelgood out to sea, how a band can still tour under that name I fail to comprehend.

  • I agree, I saw them at the Bucks Blues Fest in the summer and was disappointed with them, they simply don't have the authentic 'Canvey sound'. In effect, with no original members, they are now no more than a tribute band.

    Better than Dr Feelgood are The Feelgood Band, a tribute band but they have that authentic sound. It's significant that Wilko Johnson sometimes hangs out with them, and not with the official band. I was going to see them again in St Albans on the way back from the Cambridge game. That and several other of their gigs have been cancelled. They recently advertised for a new drummer, and then advertised for a new lead singer/harps player last week, so something is up. It's a shame because they are a very good live band.

  • @Steve_Peart have you been to the Railway in Southend? Nice place, nice people, great sign.

  • @peterparrotface, no, wonderful pub sign of Wilko's face. Thanks for pointing out, I must go there.

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