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Hour Glass

Only permitting away fans tomorrow. I'm not a frequent visitor to the place but occasionally go in if I have time before a game. Personally I think this sucks a bit. AP lays on some great stuff for away fans and this comes across as them trying to profit on the Luton fans numbers. I wonder if TVP will have to lay on extra police at the police as a result.
Loyalty is a two-way street. Think I will get my half a lime and soda elsewhere in future.


  • I've seen a lot of "new" build pubs spring up on the way to grounds in the last few years, obviously they offer food as well a drinks but all seem to be thriving. Stoke, Blackpool, Fleetwood, Morecambe, Hartlepool & Bolton & AFC Fylde all spring to mind. I have always thought one of these would suite somewhere between Cressex and the ground, closer the better. Maybe even on the industrial estate.

  • Does it say something about the behavior of our 'youth' element that the Hour Glass would rather ban them than Lu'on fans?

  • No idea, but I could see them thinking they might get more Luton fans in than Wycombe.

  • Surely it's more a case of favouring the tribe with fewest drinking venues open to them but slightly surprising now that we offer an away fans "venue " in the ground.
    Rather puzzling but not without precedent, I believe. Perhaps someone from the club (or TVP) could explain the rationale.

  • Is it known whether this policy was the pub management's idea or if they were told to implement it by the Police, in an attempt to limit the chance of disorder?

  • I have to say the match day offering at the club with the real ale 'festival' is a vast improvement on recent years. The away fan area is also exceptional compared to most grounds and is to be welcomed. I can only think it is the Hour Glasses's attempt to scoop up away fans and at the next home game when its Crewe on a Tuesday night they will be delighted to have the home fans back.
    I know who will get my business.

  • I do find this a strange decision, and believe it to be the landlords choice, money over his regulars.
    Also slightly worrying in the the police always seem to have our stupid lot under control in the hour glass, whereas they will be loose to roam around, so surely policing will be harder than normal?

  • It is the landlord's decision according to WWFC website

  • I don't go in there much but if I was a regular then I'd certainly be swerving The Hour Glass for future games. A bit odd giving the only home fans pub to the away fans. Money talks I guess.

  • It's the free market, you bunch of commies. If you think that has anything to do with community or local allegiances you are very much mistaken. And we all know the home fans will be back next game...even if they refuse to smile and stare at the landlord angrily as they sup their beer.

  • @Wendoverman its absolutely a free market the decision I am puzzled about is making it exclusive to either set of fans. I thought this was a bit of a thing of the past as I always used to find making areas exclusive created more problems than it solved. With the exception of one or two unfortunates our fans have excellent behaviour so should be allowed to mix freely with the opposition fans.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub it does seem bizarre for a local business...and as you say creates a bad atmosphere for what will be one of the big games of the early part of the season, especially as we have pretty decent away facilities at the ground. But what do we know of the machinations of high finance - or pubs -us footy drones?

  • Should be boycotted forever more.

  • @StrongestTeam Enjoy the beer at AP in the Caledonia (?) suite. Very well supported and stocked usually

  • Wycombe set for the largest number of people to descend upon the town from Luton since the EDL did that march a couple of years ago

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub said:
    StrongestTeam Enjoy the beer at AP in the Caledonia (?) suite. Very well supported and stocked usually

    Hear hear. - lovely jubbly.

  • Don't think Paul (previous LL) would have gone away only. He had a policy of only making it home fans only in high risk games (C*lu etc). Might end up being a financial mistake in the long run, I may now stay for a last one in the vere rather than take my usual wander down the glass after games. Maybe this LL should buy the Becky Arms instead.

  • @StrongestTeam I haven't had problems in the Bootleggers for a couple of years. Often a few away fans wearing colours in there as well.

  • Heard it's away only after the game too. So defo will enjoy my post game pint in the vere. Enjoying a nice pint of brains in the vere now actually.

  • I once had a drink with referee Darren Deadman in the Flint Cottage.

  • After the state of the pint of Bombardier Gold I had in the Hour Glass last home game, my innards thank the landlord for his decision

  • Often see away fans in the Bootlegger wearing club colours etc @StrongestTeam.

    Apparently Butlers in town does £2 a pint to season ticket holders on a match day. Only problem is it means you have to go to Butlers.

  • Spot on @Ozzie_the_Relaxed. Old landlord (Paul) would always make it home only if possible, regardless of financial implications. New one has admitted he's not a football fan, and is certainly doing what's best for him on the day, but maybe not in the long run.

  • And Butlers do do that @fromtheside. Not been in there for years until today. £2 pints on presentation of a season ticket or ticket is a great incentive.

  • must be why Deadman was sacked.

  • I'll always go for a pint in Wycombe pre match, breaks the walk. Favourite place at the moment is the Mad Squirrel (brewery place near the church)

  • Yes. Not a drinker myself but went into the Mad Squirrel when meeting friends in the summer and tried a pint - really liked the place. Lots of interesting real ales and remarkably cheap.

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