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The Opposition View - Mansfield


  • Some very encouraging comments in there. Looking forward to Saturday now. Really hope we play well against Luuu'on especially as I've turned down the opportunity to earn ££££s to be there!

  • Usual comments about physicality and pulling their players back, but every time Eze got the ball and went on a run he was tripped; it was the only way they could stop him.

  • I thought they were grappling our players a lot so it was maybe a bit of both.

  • Probably the most positive opposition view comments I can remember reading in ages.

    Manager and most of their fans appreciating us as a team who will be right up there, and despite what i'd expected, reading @MindlessDrugHoover 's comment, only 1 or 2 referencing the negative element.

    Maybe it's easier to be more magnanimous when it's a draw!

  • I'm not sure getting a footballing compliment from Evans really counts for a number of reasons.

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