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Mansfield - score prediction

edited September 2017 in Football

You know the rules.

Mansfield 35 - Wycombe 37

A five try apiece thriller. Jacobson touchline conversion seals it in the last minute. Bayo signs for Leicester Tigers after the game.


  • Gale force winds hit Mansfield with Bayo the only player not swept away. He taps home after charging at the empty goal. Wycombe awarded the game after no Mansfield players are left to restart the match.

  • Mansfield (0) 9 - Wycombe (10) 10

    Our Gareth delighted with the result and the first half performance.

  • 1-0, Akinfenwa

  • It wouldn't be the same without you, @Chris. :-)

  • This very evening, the club's administration is outsourced to the same people who are responsible for running iFollow.

    The new operators mix up the fixture lists and send the new WWFC Ladies team to Mansfield by accident.

    What follows is an absolute demolition of Mansfield by WWFC. Slick tikka-takka when in possession, and brutal physicality off the ball.

    3 Mansfield players come off injured before half time, and the rest are too scared to challenge for the ball as the Blues romp to a 14-0 win with 93% possession (their 7% being time-wasting).

  • 0-3 - a second half Marcus Bean hat trick, all from over 20 yards out.

  • 20 mins in and Bayo breaks the offside trap on the halfway line. He picks up speed. Mansfield ceo and owners floozy, Stacey Pankhurst, sprints on from the touch line and throws herself under Bayo's galloping hooves in an effort to highlight lack of women representation at the FA. She suffers same fate as her great-aunt.

    Match abandoned.

    Page 3 stunnah, Chardonnay from Basildon appointed new CEO on Wednesday breaking records as youngest ever league CEO and one with largest ever tits.

  • C'mon Chas me boy.

  • Mansfield 5-4 Wycombe, all own goals, El Abd with a stunning hat trick....past Brown.

  • What fate did Stacy Pankhurst great aunt suffer. As she certainly never threw herself under a horse @DevC ??
    Basic History knowledge needed here.

  • On the contrary, Chad. Stacey pankhurst's great aunt was Emily Davison. It is an odd coincidence that her married name is the same as perhaps the most famous suffragette....

    Ok fess up. Last nights post would have carried more punch if its owner had imbibed less punch (and in truth other cocktails). Head a little heavy this morning, pocket a fair bit lighter.

  • Mansfield 1 Wycombe 2 with Freeman scoring an injury time winner after 97 minutes.

  • @drcongo said:
    0-3 - a second half Marcus Bean hat trick, all from over 20 yards out.

    I can't make the game due to work commitments, however, based on the above, I may miss a once in a lifetime experience.

  • @DevC wasn't expecting any prediction involving tits I must admit...predictions from tits of course par for the course. In that vein 0 -2 both wind assisted clearances by garishly shirted Scott Brown.

  • Mansfield 1-3 Wycombe inc. Bean's first goal

  • It's amazing Beano has scored 25 goals in his career but none for us.

  • It's amazing Beano has scored 25 goals in his career.

  • 3-4. Brown with the winner in injury time as the windy conditions carry his kick home

  • Haven't we scored from a goalies clearance here before? Another windy wet Tuesday night if I recall. Or am I just dreaming?

  • Sorry chaps. Only a moderate breeze forecast for this evening. After midnight, a different story but even by our time-wasting standards, that's a bit of a stretch.

  • Rain. A whippet on the pitch chases the ball. A voice cries out from the away following "Oi Bloomers that's how you run down a loose pass". More rain. Humorous chanting about black puddings. Yet more rain. Eze comes on, doesn't look quite as good as he did on Saturday. He is written off. 0-0. Rain continues.

  • Crikey, @Manboobs , you know how to puncture a mood. That's bleak.

  • crap, we will get a lesson tonight I suspect we haven't really played anybody yet .... lets see if I get slated later when we win ! lol

  • @rmjlondon Do you even know which side of the point you're trying to argue here?

  • Surprised Richie hasn't just predicted a 0-0

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