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League 2 table

Interesting (?) to note that the only team to beat us in the league so far are in 3rd, the two teams with which we drew are in mid-table, and the three teams we have beaten are struggling.

To some extent you would expect this given our result forms 1/6th of their matches so far this season, but I'd imagine it's not always quite as neat as that.

Given Mansfield are in 10th - draw on Tuesday? I'd take it.



  • Good point. I would take a point although we would have to win against Luton on Saturday otherwise Newports result would be look at 2 points dropped.

  • Weve got a good record at Mansfield I would take a point though think they will be up the top of the table come May.

  • I'm hoping to see a win for Wycombe tomorrow. Whether or not I will be happy with a draw, should that be the result, will depend on what happens during the match and whether I subsequently consider it a point gained, two points dropped or the correct outcome.

  • Weather warning now issued for Nottinghamshire. Winds of 60 mph forecast from 8pm on Tuesday eve.

    So some nice passing football for 15 mins then HOOOOOOOOFFF!

  • Just heard we have only sold 100 tickets, very disappointing travelling support yet again.

  • Why is that disappointing?

  • Plus it's been announced that you can pay on the gate now.

  • @M3G said:
    Why is that disappointing?

    I would of thought a figure nearer 200 would of been good. Northern fans are likely to go. Plus we are sixth playing one of the favourites. On paper its an exciting game. I didn't realise that you could pay on the gate though.

  • I would imagine lots of people in Buckinghamshire have a job that may preclude them travelling up to the Midlands and back on a Tuesday night....just a thought.

  • Midlands?

    Mansfield is up north

  • @arnos_grove said:
    Weather warning now issued for Nottinghamshire. Winds of 60 mph forecast from 8pm on Tuesday eve.

    So some nice passing football for 15 mins then HOOOOOOOOFFF!

    Could be the day for Marcus Bean's first goal. I remember seeing Brownie score from 35 yards in a gale at Doncaster.

  • I remember that. They all did a really weird celebration after it

    Sort of skipped, whilst wheeling their arms in the air

  • edited September 2017

    @eric_plant For someone who spent years being shown how electricity works by oh-so funny colleagues and being asked about my whippets, I know it's North of Watford for you soft southerners...but I think you'll find Notts is counted as the Midlands.

  • East Midlands to be precise.

  • @mooneyman I did not want to introduce too many confusing extra elements.

  • Rather surprised to see Mansfield as the bookies favourites for this game. We're 3/1 to win with the draw 12/5. Not bad odds for an away win there.

  • Yes I will be lumping on the value for the first time this season. We were barely odds against at Grimsby where I felt 'carpet' would have been more appropriate.

  • I'm in the Mansfield being in the midlands camp, but it's definitely near the border.

  • yes, I think near the border is pushing it...but close enough to Derb...the place that should not be named and the misery of the tea mines of Yorkshire

  • It's all relative. We Yorkshiremen have no problem regarding the South beginning round about Doncaster.

  • Mansfield is miles up north

  • I once had a cockernee colleague say to someone: 'Yew'll like 'im e's from yer North...' at which point the other chap, from York, said 'Nottingham? Call that the NORTH???' Between the Devil and Deep Blue Sea.

  • You're all Northeners. Hey @DevonBlue, gimme six!

  • @eric_plant mansfield is in the midlands.

  • @Midlander said:
    eric_plant mansfield is in the midlands.

    Mansfield's on another planet.

  • I think that's conclusive @eric_plant surely @Midlander of all people must have the deciding vote! @Jonny_King you farmboys keep it down...

  • Mansfield definitely up north

  • The South begins at Hadrian's Wall.

  • Mansfield is geographically in the East Midlands but culturally it's 'northern'.

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