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The time of the season to unearth a predictor…. Post your results!

Not many games left gents - on this predictor you can select how many team's results you want to predict (I did the top 9 and bottom 5).

My final results were
1. Shrewsbury 93
2. Burton 92.
3. Wycombe 86
4. Bury 84
5. Southend 77
6. Stevenage 75
7. Newport 74

  1. Tranmere 44
  2. Cheltenham 41

This is with draws against Burton, Exeter and Northampton and wins against Wimbledon, Cheltenham and Morecambe. It does however mean we really need to work on our home form if we are to do this…. Poor result today at a poor time, but it sure as hell ain't over.

Let's see what you chaps get?


  • Obviously should read 23 and 24 in front of Tranmere and Cheltenham...

  • edited April 2015
    1. Burton 94
    2. Shrewsbury 91
    3. Wycombe 87
    4. Bury 84
    5. Southend 79
    6. Plymouth 75
    7. Newport 72

    Tranmere 40
    Cheltenham 38

  • Anybody going to have the nerves to update this now after the last few matches. Presuming Burton win tonight almost certain to be promoted then Shrewsbury have York, Cheltenham and Plymouth left. We as nearly everybody knows have Wimbledon,Morecambe and Northampton. Bury have Portsmouth,Southend,Wimbledon and Tranmere and Southend have Exeter,Bury,Luton and Morecambe.

  • I can see Bury finishing on 88 so we really need to win every game.

  • Got the Blues to finish on 87 and go up by just the one point, Bury in 4th on 86 with three wins and a draw from their last 4. Us to draw this Saturday and win the last two...

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