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  • Thanks, @clifty04 . Sounds like a positive performance again, overall. Just saw the highlights, which were very brief. Some good saves indeed.

  • their keeper was outstanding yesterday. Shame we didn't have Beast, I think he would have been the key that unlocked them. But as said positives a plenty. Eze looked superb. Hope he can perform like that for 90 minutes because he should be given the start if he's fully match fit. El-Abd is improving for sure and Bean was Bean at his best. Which in my book makes him an asset.

  • From the highlights their long throw looked very impressive.

  • When you look at who was missing and the positive impact of the substitutions I think this is the deepest squad we've seen for a good few seasons. It's unlikely ever to be the case but GA will have some selection "problem" if all the attacking players are ever fit at the same time

  • "Bean was straight into the action. He intercepted a pass, beat a couple of men and when 20 yards from goal drove a shot on target"

    Now that's a sentence I never expected to read!

  • @HomerLone I was going to say "or write ". Then I noticed the inverted commas! Sad when the sight starts to fade!

    For once in a wonder, the fans' FB page has a thread, started by Toby Brittan, which is sensible, positive and obscenity-free. I mention it because it is notable for a comment by our very own @clifty04 extolling the brilliance (no less) of Adam El-Abd. It made me wonder if, in his excellent Vital match report, he might have been slightly more generous with his mark.

    I wasn't at the match yesterday but, listening to the admirable Matt and Phil, and after talking to someone who was there, it is clear that another great positive was the performance of the much-maligned Scott Brown. I gather it was a close call as to whether he or El-Abd was Man of the Match.

    Happy days!

  • El-Abd had a very good game. I also thought the two fullbacks did well and coped very well with their wingers (Harri struggled initially but grew into the game). Gape also stood out. Eze looked excellent when he came on. His touch and control are superb and he showed plenty of confidence to bring the ball forward and take players on. I'd love to see him start against Mansfield. Not Bean's biggest fan but he was brilliant when he came on. Brown flapped at one ball, but made some very good saves, including an excellent tip over in the second half. CMS seemed to cut a frustrated figure at times and is perhaps low on confidence, missing a very good chance. Newport were pretty good in spells and are clearly a very different proposition now from Westley's awful side. Still, perhaps they'll be slightly happier with a draw than we are, although either side could have won it. Nice to get a clean sheet anyhow and hopefully once CMS finally gets a first goal he'll start banging them in. Squad looks strong. Definitely plenty to be positive about right now.

    Great day out with WWISC and thoroughly enjoyed the pre-match pub stop. No coach to Mansfield as I understand, but get your bookings in for Col U.

    Tough game against Mansfield coming up. They beat Grimsby 4-1 yesterday with Lee Angol scoring two penalties. Let's hope we have the Beast back for that one and indeed the games against Luton and Col U.

  • @micra : I taught Toby Brittan a million years ago and he's a sound chap. At the Barnet game last season, just after Ketchupgate, he moved himself away from those booing AP and expressed distaste for their attitude.

    One look around the terrace at home games is all that is needed to confirm that there really are very, very few unpleasant characters among our support. I think it is possible to get a false impression when one uses social media.

  • Very reassuring @HCblue. And I'm sure you're right about the misleading nature of social media. My granddaughter put me on Facebook five years ago and I look at the Fans' page occasionally to get a feel for what the yoof element are thinking. (Not much is the usual impression.) I do chip in with the odd comment, usually sardonic.

  • One's true character can often be masked on the internet. In real life I, for example, am a highly intemperate and inarticulate housewife that rarely uses words of more than four letters.

  • So I heard.

  • One thing not mentioned about Saturdays game that Mr Ainsworth my want to see further footage of.
    In the dying minutes of the game, the female in the burger van, announced all dog rolls,pies,burgers were a £1.00.
    The speed and nimble footwork a number of blues followers took towards that van was breathtaking. In fact I don't think I've seen bodies move that fast since Jocky Mcsporran departed.
    Talent appears to be on our doorstep !!

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