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Train to Newport

The cheapest way to travel on the day to Newport, is to get in groups of 3 or more max 9.
Buy returns to Oxford, and then buy returns from Oxford to Newport (Changing at Didcot and Swindon)
Total price £42.75.
Leaving Hwy at 08.58, you will be in Newport at 12.30.
You can possibly fit in a Wetherspoons breakfast (approx 5 mins walk) at Oxford as you have nearly an hour in the city of the 3 sided stadium, before the Didcot train departs.


  • Alternatively (for information), a place on the supporters' coach would have cost £25; leaving A.P. at 10.30am and should arrive at R.P. appx 1pm - 1.30pm.

  • edited September 2017

    Of course you can wander down to the bar and have a beer on the supporters' coach...oh no

  • My comment was intended for information purposes, as I have clearly specified. Some on this forum might be interested in taking advantage of the efforts of OWWSA later in the season. The cost and convenience of the travel provided are hard to beat. If however, like Onlooker, guzzling beer is more important then by all means take the train.

  • Or use WWISC who always stop for a beer on route.

  • 'Guzzling beer' is far cheaper than Doctor presribed sedatives, for when any high ball comes flying in towards Scott Brown.

  • Even at £3 a can on the train!

  • Preperation Mr Onlooker !!
    Its just like the packed lunches your mum used to conjure up for your school trips, minus any food !! And the addition of a bottle opener instead of the plastic fork.

  • @Cyclops , thought it was just me who wondered why a double the price, longer, more awkward journey was any sort of advantage. But of course, the booze!

  • slightly annoyed it is actually £3.50 a can on the train

  • But there is an element of freedom about an open return

  • Met up with my WWISC comrades prior to the game today and had a nice meal and a good few beers before the game. Can thoroughly recommend it to anyone looking to travel to an away match.

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