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Motty and that Pitch report in the snow

edited September 2017 in Football

So John Motson is calling it a day at the end of the season.

So here is the full clip of the report on the pitch and some great aerial views. The Wycombe clip starts at 1.34 on the when snow and football collide clip down the page, also a little bit at the end of the clip. Classic stuff and a reminder of the ground before redevelopment in what was our first season at Adams Park.


  • Great Times.....Spent rest of the afternoon in the Vere getting Bladdered! Where are you now Ben!! (Bennett)

  • When the photographer, Stuart Clarke, still had his 'Homes of Football' gallery up in (beautiful) Ambleside, I once spent an absolutely brilliant afternoon going through his collection. I bought a print of that particular photograph and had a lovely chat for ages with Stuart, about the story behind the photo, how it came about etc and my own memories of that day and of the FA cup tie that was eventually played. I also purchased a few other prints. He really is a brilliant photographer. I believe his work is now on display at the national football museum in Manchester.

  • @eric_plant If you are a Twitter user he is worth following as he still ground hops and posts great pics from games as well as posting the many classics including imges from the rearranged game.

  • yes - I've spent many a lost afternoon going through stuff he's posted

    he's absolutely brilliant

  • @eric_plant, I seem to remember there was a Homes of Football exhibition at the Guildhall, HW, and one of the photos was at Rockingham Road, Kettering, with a blurred image of a footballer passing a doorway. The figure looked like Andy Kerr, just wondering if that rang any bells.

  • yes it does - and I agree that the silhouetted figure looked like Andy Kerr. Think it might have been from the Tuesday night game towards the end of the 91/92 season which we drew 1-1

    got the supporters coach to that one and I seem to remember that on the radio on the way home was news of a 147 Jimmy White break at the crucible. Back then maximums were nowhere near as commonplace as they are now

    it's amazing really, but I can remember in real detail games from a quarter of a century ago. These days I can barely remember who we played from one week to the next let alone anything about the matches

  • That's age for you @eric_plant . I often struggle with the question of who we're playing next, instead just knowing whether it's home or away. Maybe because there's not much odds or glamour whoever it is generally!

  • Somewhere I have a postcard of the Motty one, and also of what I think is the Peterborough FA Cup game on the following Tuesday, of the family on the tree trunk on the Woodlands hill looking down on the game and jumping up. I've also got a couple of A4 posters from the exhibition, possibly of these same images, must find them.

  • hate to be pedantic (sure) but the re-arranged Peterborough match was the following Wednesday, not tuesday

  • Just looked in the OED, @eric_plant. It had your post under "pedantic". :-)

  • Once saw the boy Motson play in a charity game at Loakes Park (would have been in the mid-80s). He was certainly a better commentator than player and had the whitest legs I've ever seen on a football pitch; they made Dave Carroll's look tanned in comparison.

  • @eric_plant, not at all pedantic, my mistake.

  • I remember being in the Bell when we found out the game was off. I just stayed and got very squiffy. wandered home and told the wife it was a draw so the game would be replayed.

  • One thing I do remember about Motty that day is that I was standing behind him in the office after the game was called off, he was on the phone to the BBC explaining that it wouldn't be a good idea to hot foot it down to a game (somewhere west if I remember), because he hadn't done the research on the players, and that it would be better to get a local commentator to do it. He was wearing his sheepskin, I was in total awe of it.

  • Looking at the MOTD listings site for 8/12/90, they showed the Swansea v Walsall tie, and Wales does sound familiar now. The commentator is shown as β€œGrahame Lloyd?β€œ.

  • The two Posh games. Not the greatest quality, but what the heck?







  • I saw Motty play at Loakes Park in the early 80's in a commentators XI, not the greatest footballer to have graced our former home.

  • @NewburyWanderer, great photos. The replay was possibly the best losing display I have seen, we should have won. Martin Blacker was immense that night, his best performance for us.

    I remember having to photograph him earlier that season, for the programme pen pictures. Intimidating is not the word, he had that 'don't mess with me' look. I can remember him squaring up to players on more than one occasion, his look soon put an end to matters. He was a really talented player, a sublime mixture of skill and steel, a shame his knee was knackered when he came to us.

  • He was a terrific player. Such a shame he got injured and ended up missing out on the FA Trophy final.

    That said, his absence allowed for the emergence of a certain Keith Ryan. And he didn't end up doing too badly for us

  • And isn't it great to see the terrace bulging at the seams, those days gone forever.

  • In my head Martin Blackler looked like the Cockney thief character off the Fast Show - that's not right is it?

  • I always think of Bob from Twin Peaks when remembering Martin Blackler

  • Top pictures @NewburyWanderer I was hopping about the terrace during the replay with of all things gout. We were excellent that evening.

  • @Steve_Peart Martin Blackler. Got sent off on his debut. In a pre-season friendly. Against Harrow Borough.

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