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Danny Rowe

Why is he not getting a game?


  • Spot on. Right back/centre back cover. But frustrating for the lad.

  • Deserves a start in my view. Would prefer him to play the holding role with Bean pushed further forward.

  • Bean was excellent in the defensive role today, therefore I wouldn't change it for Tuesday now.

    That said, the previous two games I've been calling for Rowe in that role. If Ainsworth insists on playing this formation then Rowe should be utilised and Murphy/Bean pushed further forward. This would allow Wood to be part of the front 3 again also.

  • We could use him in a 3 centre back formation although our back 4 have been so cosisdent it is difficult to accomadate him

  • I have no idea how Rotherham allow us to keep him if he's getting as little game time as he is, we must be paying his full wages otherwise RUFC are getting nothing out of the deal. That or we slipped Steve Evans some used fivers in a brown envelope.

    Don't get me wrong, it's great for us that we have him and it's a nailed-on cert that we're going to need him before season's end, but I fail to see the benefit for Rotherham.

  • At Newport on the first day when Mawson started over Rowe I was confused. Mawson has pretty much kept Rowe out of the team all season.

  • Rowe is just a utility player as cover for injuries and loss of form. Unfortunately for him there have to date been no significant injuries or loss of form.

  • I'd have played Rowe at Mansfield, he's naturally more defensive and physically better suited to that covering midfield role than Bloomfield who looked out of sorts up there. First game that we really missed Scowen. I wasn't at Cambridge, but it sounds like Bean picked up the mantle really well so problem possibly solved.

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