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Ticket office...just useless at times.

Are we a professional football club or not. 25 minutes trying to get an answer for a ticket on Saturday. Gave up. How many more customers/fans will the club lose by failing to put bums on seats to deal with ticketing. It's just not good enough.


  • I think you're just unlucky @MBS today as I've never had any problems.

  • We're the club that made Bristol Rovers in the Jackof alltrades cup all ticket for away fans on Tuesday.

    Couldn't believe it when a Rovers pal at work who'd intended going but couldn't, told me!

  • Now, to be fair Rovers weren't exactly on their best behavior the last time they came to AP were they? In fact our away capacity still suffers because of it.

  • that was on police orders and rightly so, after last time when they ripped out seats and kept invading the pitch.

  • @mbs You ever tried booking online? Extremely easy, and convenient choice of printing out tickets at home or collecting on the day. I've never had any difficulties. Let me know if you want guidance on booking - there's one non-intuitive twist if you want to book for the terrace...

  • Ticket office are usually fantastic. Very responsive, friendly and helpful, often going above and beyond what they need to do. Think you got unlucky.

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