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Derby issue fan with lifetime ban after comments on Twitter

This comes very soon after our own club's recent statement regarding the behaviour of fans on social media; personally I think Derby are right to set such a tough example in this case.


  • man there are some weird people out there

  • Disgusting tweet, so fair enough in this case....

  • Complete knobhead no question but.....

    tweet not sent directly to Billy sharp

    Lifetime ban for a tweet - maybe a bit harsh.

  • @DevC It may be a bit harsh, difficult to judge without knowing the full details and arguments, but is presumably intended very much as a deterrent to others, so for that reason I believe it should be applauded.

    Attending a football match is hardly a human right so there isn't really that much to get aggrieved about

  • if the original Derby tweet had used Billy Sharp's twitter handle then any response to it would be immediately visible to him

  • I don't feel strongly about it to be honest. Bloke is clearly a complete knobhead. Sadly social media seems to encourage this sort of behaviour. Life ban maybe overly harsh - two year ban with a warning to future behaviour just as effective?

  • All in favour of these twitter morons getting the stiffest punishments.

    You only have to look down your average youtube videos to see all manner of vile sh!t, and they think they can get away with it.

  • Has anyone on here seen the new wycombefantv on youtube?

    I've mixed feelings about it. While I don't begrudge anyone using a bit of initiative and attempting to get on the YouTube buck, you can't help but loathe any attempt to copy something which is already loathsome.

  • Luckily most thick offensive dolts will move on to another's the 'banter' they like rather than the football.

  • That "Laim" (sic) character isn't exactly a Claude/DT/Ty type character you'd tune in for the next rant is he...

  • I didn't know about this...well done Liam

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