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Oh dear

2-0 down. Bury, Shrewsbury and Burton all winning. Come on Wycombe...we can turn it around!


  • M3GM3G
    edited April 2015

    They are playing us at our own game

  • Listening to Player from Kathmandu, willing the team on! Will make a much better 8hr bus ride tomorrow if we pull something (three goals!) out of the hat in the next 45mins...

  • Come on Cambridge buck up your ideas, 32 % possession at home is crap!

  • Game on... 1-2...

  • Good fight back, nice to see GA bring on the subs earlier in the game to try and make a difference. Instinctive save to deny Holloway a scorcher.

    Well done lads, you did your best.

  • Aaaeeeesh! Dammit! Close but no cigars out yet, six to go and a six pointer on monday. Out to drown the sowwows on Freak Street then.

  • I think hayes, fred and holloway appear to link up well. Good changes made good timing.

  • We need to get back to 442 with Wood on the left of midfield.

  • @scarlet said:
    I think hayes, fred and holloway appear to link up well. Good changes made good timing.

    Got to agree with you Scarlet, Hayes can easily switch around at any stage. Lets go guns a blazingly, we reached our 55 points, so I loved to see Hayes, Fred, Holloway, Murphy and Hogan all playing again in any second half in our remaining games.

  • The subs, although correct, made very little difference initially. It was the foul on JJ on the touchline that seemed to get us going again. After that, we had a good spell leading to the 2nd goal. Oxford deserved the win though. That foul on Fred was a turning point, would've been a clear red if given.

  • We were awful first half. Much better in the second, but conceding that third goal put the game out of our reach.

  • Just a poor day at the office everyone seemed to have bad ball control today. The defence didn't seem to be communicating very well, at one point Pierre & Mawson nearly clattered into each other. I haven't wanted to weigh in on the Bean thread as I generally think he has done a decent job, but I would have pulled him of at half time today ( just my opinion) we could have really done with Rowe today in midfield after that first half.

    We cant win them all though so I am keeping the faith and hoping we get this automatic place as Bury are coming up like a train, although they do have to play their last 7 games in something like 23 days so hopefully fatigue will set in a they slip up. Plus they still have the Shrews and Southend to play.

  • @Wycombe85, Yes to point, why stick Holloway on the left hand side while Fred is in the middle, as soon as they both swapped postions after a wasted 10 mins, both players became a threat.

    Holloway nut megged the defender who just clatted him and got sweat nothing and Fred's (straight thru on goal) oh my days defo a red card as the defender was last man, the officials where bads today.

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