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15 Wycombe shirts required: anyone help


We are entering a team ( u14 ) called Brisbane Wanderers in the Gold Coast cup in Australia. Basically it attracts all teams from Australia and NZ. We participated last year and based our entry /shirts on Wycombe / Wycombe colours due to an old affiliation with the chair boys. The boys had a ball and did well last year. We got a shirt matching the wyc's last year but looking to try and get the real shirt this year from any previous season/s.

Tried Oneil's but the time frame will not work with our plans. (About 3 weeks) I can get anything shipped from Wycombe based on relatives still living there and we have. AkitThanks for any help / recomendations as the all boys keen to try and wear the blue shirt (we have the away kit).

Thanks for any help!

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