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Q&A: Submit Questions For One Of Our Members HERE!

Good Evening,

One of our members has agreed to do a Q&A!

Please submit any questions you have in this thread.



  • What is your prediction for the game on Saturday?

    What are your hopes and expectations for the season?

    Which Lincoln player/s should we look out for?

    Who was a better player for Lincoln, Gareth Ainsworth or Barry Richardson?

    Other than those two, are there any current / past Wycombe players that you particularly like or dislike?

    Is Lincoln in the north, or the midlands?

    How will Game of Thrones end?

  • Would you rather:
    A) see a ghost
    B) have a piece of toast
    C) watch the evening news

  • Which one of you scored a direct hit with a bag of piss at Sincil Bank in 1988 against my white C&A Avanti jacket?

    What crop is growing in the most attractive field in Lincolnshire?

    Do any of you dislike Nigel Farage / Brexit / UKIP?

    What's the biggest hill you've ever seen?

    Cheese, chocolate or marzipan?

  • What question would you least want to be asked about Lincoln City?

  • The residents of Grimsby and Scunthorpe pay £1.50 to leave Lincolnshire on the Humber Bridge. I understand that. Why on earth do they also pay to go back?

  • What's the best chant you've heard at your ground?

  • Is a jaffa cake a biscuit? Or a cake?

  • What would you rather fight:
    1 horse sized duck or 100 Duck size horses?

  • I'd rather fight an ox-sized yak.

  • What's your spirit animal?

  • Was Rambo Bressington the best builder to sign for the Imps.

  • Do grown men weep themselves gently to sleep at night with the memory of letting Keith Scott go for a pittance?

  • Is it realistic that Lincoln are 4th favourites for promotion?

  • I personally think Lincoln will win the league

  • @Chris said:
    Is it realistic that Lincoln are 4th favourites for promotion?


  • I think this page is intended as a place to collect questions for a Lincoln fan to answer!...

  • Deadline for questions is tomorrow at 18:00.

  • 1) Where were you when Emblen scored?
    2) Can you get Bruce Grobbelaar to make a cameo appearance in goal again on Saturday?

  • Do you want your LTE calling cards back from 1999?

  • Do you like the brand of butter called President, Lincoln?

  • But apart from that, how was the play?

  • LX1LX1
    edited August 2017

    Oops just got Congo's question

  • Lincoln once said. "The trouble with quotes on the internet is that you cant tell whether or not they are genuine". Fair?

  • Were you disappointed when your 2011/2012 season dvd was just four hours of Daniel Day-Lewis monologuing?

  • First car was a bright red Hillman. Bloody useless it was, kept breaking down on the M1. Never been too keen on red Imps ever since. comments?

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