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What can we Fu*k with next brought to you by the EFL

edited July 2017 in Football

EFL: New ABBA penalty format to be trialled across competitions in 2017/18

"The new system, which is currently being supported internationally by FIFA and in some European competitions through UEFA, will see the new ‘ABBA’ penalty shootout system adopted for this season’s Carabao Cup, Checkatrade Trophy and Sky Bet Play-Offs as an alternative to the traditional ABAB pattern."


  • Will the new system mean the winner takes it all?

  • I think this system will soon be in place across the whole of football and think it's a good idea, and needs to be tested somewhere. Statistically you've got a 60% chance to win if you take the first penalty. This plays more like a tennis tie break situation and offers no statistical bias to serving first or second.

  • Admittedly I not really pissed off about this change as I might have made out with the title. I just think it’s unnecessary, surely that 60% advantage mentioned switches in favour of the team taking second now (team B)? As I’m assuming it’s to do with a physiological advantage of having the first kick, due to team B will have the opportunity to score twice before ‘team A’ get to take their second pen.

  • As said the new system is the same as a tennis tiebreak and there is no statistical evidence of anyone having any advantage.

  • Man City's Fernando is behind it

  • More meddling. Another example of how the game is being ruined by money money money, it's a rich man's world.

  • It'll be interesting to see how the FIFA's efforts fare to deal with the dancing queen divers that are becoming commonplace throughout the game.

  • Fifa are clearly terrible. And there are much more important issues to tackle. But this is reasonable and nothing to get upset about. Unfortunately it removes an easy revenue stream for bettors who have known this for many years.

    It's a case of knowing me knowing you. There is nothing we can do.

  • I expect next year the competition will also be the next stepping stone for trialing sin bins. These are being tested in non league this year for dissent.

    In respect to diving new regulations are in place this season that footage will be looked at and players will be able to get a retrospective ban after the event.

  • The diving thing is an excellent measure well over due. I like to think @peterparrotface was instrumental in this

  • Thank him for the music

  • Biggest issue for me is the Football League insisting on being called EFL. Still don't like it.
    The rest is just work for idle hands

  • @LX1 said:
    The diving thing is an excellent measure well over due. I like to think peterparrotface was instrumental in this

    I like to think that Danny Hylton was instrumental on it.

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