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Williams signed for 5 months loan from QPR

5 month loan deal from QPR just posted on twitter from WWFC


  • OK. I'll take the additional squad strength and we needed back-up for JJ. Not going to be the difference between promotion and not, I'd suggest, but he seems a solid enough player. Good luck to him.

  • "Solid " is not the word I'd use, @HCblue. He is sylph-like and swift. Loves to run directly at defences. Think young GA.

  • I meant solid as in "This is a solid acquisition" rather than as a description of his physique or play style (though he seemed reasonably dogged on Friday).

  • "Solid enough player" sounded very much like a reference to him rather than the nature of the acquisition! I only saw him against AFC; he was very terrier-like so "dogged " sounds apt!

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