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Take a look at the weekly wage bill at Billericay Town now, totally unsustainable surely?


  • It's sustainable if the multi million pound owner doesn't lose interest.

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    That small word about the third of the way through your sentence is the key one: "if". Also, even IF he doesn't lose interest, he aint gonna live forever and his beneficiaries may not have the same hobbies? I seem to remember Rushden & Diamonds having that issue?

  • What horrible dining room chairs.

  • You wonder how much those 3 players alone, Konchesky, O Hara and Pennant are taking alone out of that 30k.

    Surely all could do a lot better than 7th tier!

    Konchesky was at Liverpool only a few seasons back!

  • Max griggs is still alive and kicking Ewan. Just couldn't continue to fund Rushden when Dr Martens went out of fashion. Still watches the phoenix club I understand.

  • You can't buy taste if his house is anything to go by.

  • that budget I suspect is bigger than ours per week by quite abit.

  • I knew spending in football had gone mad when Stevenage paid a five figure fee for Rowan Liburd last summer.

  • @Cyclops said:
    What horrible dining room chairs.

    Suitable only for very tall, broad shouldered, wasp-waisted, thin-arsed people.

  • Not really suitable for the Caledonian Suite!

  • I wonder why in certain parts of Essex decor and dress that could be described as tasteless, garish and gaudy is seen as normal and even desirable

  • What are they paying in the shop...might be a window for richie to start a new life supporting an ambitious side going places.

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