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Blackman to .....................Sheffield United

Perhaps GA put in a good word for him.....

Wish him well


  • Thought he was going to Bolton. I wonder who changed their mind?

  • Blades a 'bigger' club?

  • Chelsea wanted him to gain experience of playing in the Championship.

  • Bolton are in the championship aren't they?

  • What makes Sheffield United a bigger club than Bolton out of interest?
    I can just about remember United in the top tier, mid 90s? Whereas Bolton spent ages of recent years up there, once finishing as high as 6th, rocking players like Djorkaeff, Hierro and Okacha!

  • Yes, both clubs are in the Championship. Apparently Jamal signed an extended 4 year contract with Chelsea this week. Sheffield United's need for a keeper was the more urgent with their regular first team keeper, Simon Moore, sustaining a serious knee injury against Rotherham on Saturday.

  • edited July 2017

    So it means he should get game time......done deal

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